11 Responses to “Should I break-up with my girlfriend after she says, “i won’t quit my job even if you make a million dollar”?”

  1. lovejudy76 says:

    she will changes her mind if you ever make that mil, if she don,t you still hav the mil,

  2. Tmdth says:

    She should break up with you for expecting her to give up doing something she obviously enjoys doing. Work is healthy, and too much time at home or around your spouse can cause arguing and problems. It’s healthy to be away for 4-8 hours a day. Anyways, your mentality seems like the type that expects a woman to service you and just always be there and have no life of her own. She needs space, she needs hobbies and things she likes doing. She’s an individual, whether she is married to you or not.

  3. Taurean says:

    You should encourage her to work rather than force her to stay at home because your earnings may fluctuate up and down and you never know when you will have to borrow money from her again.

  4. Winter Sky says:

    She can have a career and a family, one doesn’t exclude the other. If you pressure her into leaving her job someday, you’ll lose her. If you wanted a housewife, then why did you get involved with a woman who works?

  5. Lynn says:

    She is an independent woman, and you have absolutely no right to ask her to quit her job. She is a nurse, and you knew this when you met her. It has nothing to do with you. If you would even consider breaking up with her solely for this reason, then maybe you don’t feel the way you thought you did about her. You have to decide what’s more important in this situation. It’s ok to discuss the possibilities of her quitting if you become financially well off, but you can’t insist on her doing something that she is obviously not ready to do. Who knows, maybe one day she will feel differently.

  6. alwayswvgirl says:

    You are being incredibly selfish by expecting her to give up a job that she loves and is good at!
    SHE should dump YOU for being such a jerk!

  7. Smells like New Screen Names says:

    She has to have a job to fall back on when it turns out you’re gay and broke after the wedding.

    Seriously, you’re 43 you’ve never had a previous relationship, broke enough to borrow money from your girlfriend, and you’re worrying about a theoretical future where you make a million a year?

    Get serious, grab a hold of this one woman who has ever been in your life and stop worrying.

  8. The Son of Rage and Love says:

    I think you are out of your mind. You have seen this woman 12 times, and you are already thinking of marriage? And you borrowed money from her, but that’s OK because you’ve written her a POST-DATED CHECK for an extra $900 – I have news for you pal, you could have written the post-dated check for a million dollars and be worth the same thing – absolutely dick – because you don’t have the money to back it. You made $155K in 2009, you’re in the hole $9,100 with your “cash flow problem” and you are talking about making $1.2 million per year. You are delusional and I think the biggest favor you could do for this woman is to dump her. But pay her back what you scammed off of her first.

  9. Dohadon says:

    Felix… sorry buddy, but you are asking someone to give up part of their identity. Your “Girl friend” spent a lot of hard hours of study and time to earn her degree as an RN and I highly respect her field. First your assuming that you will make 100K a month… dude your borrowing money from your GF. Second, your assume money will make your future bride happy… obviously she love’s what she does to help people (bravo for her). Third, you have found a woman who cares for her job, how cool is that? Why would you consider losing such a woman? If you had children… girl children, you would understand that you want them to be able to stand alone and never be totally dependent on someone else’s wealth or happiness that they cannot function as a solo act if something happens. Show her the respect she is due and enjoy her for the special person she is… If you don’t, someone else will. OH! And pay her the money back ASAP or she will realize what a mistake she has made…

  10. BabeHart says:

    If you are working then she won’t be missing any time spent with you if she’s working…I completely understand any person’s desire for their own career and income, and if you two should split up some day, she needs to have a way to support herself…

    To break up with her or not is up to you, but I can guarantee you if someone asked the same of me, I would not quit my job…she went through training and schooling to quality for her job, why should she throw that all away???

    You’ve had a dozen dates with this chick…your concerns are WAY premature…planning to marry her is WAY premature…

  11. Hatchet Monster says:

    She’s the one that has $10k extra cash laying around to lend you. If I were you, I’d cut the machismo “i’m gonna make this much money” act and swallow your dumb, baseless pride. She’s financially more stable. Deal with it.

    Also, may wanna follow her to work one day. Jazmin ain’t a nurse name; and a nurse doesn’t typically have $10k to give to some dude she just met. You can get your pole off on a stripper, but you can’t get keep a stripper off the pole.

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