She want me to get her surprise lingerie? Ideas and advice?

July 5th, 2011

I asked this a little while ago but I forgot to mention her size which everyone wants to know and other info.

My fiancee wants me to get her several sexy lingerie pieces for her but she wants me to go get it myself and leave it to my discretion. (She wants it to be a surprise.) I don’t really know much of anything about lingerie so I want and I want to get something we can both enjoy. So what do you think are some good ideas. I don’t really feel comfortable going to a lingerie boutique even with a female friend since it might be weird so I think I’ll try ordering online. So what styles would you say would be good to go with i your own opinion?

She’s 34C-25-35 5″7 around 115lb (not sure) and has dark brown hair and lightly tanned.

I was thinking about getting some crotchless panties but to play it safe would like to know if a women might find that weird in some way.
Also would something overly revealing be a bad idea. Such as this:

Would the 1st one be uncomfortable? Someone has suggested a corset so I would also like to get the communities opinion on corsets. I’m also thinking of getting a sexy bridal type lingerie piece.

Links to some images of some suggestions will be greatly appreciated since words can only say so much.

Here are some pieces that I liked from a local store.

Thank you for your suggestions

8 Responses to “She want me to get her surprise lingerie? Ideas and advice?”

  1. Miss Paprika says:

    I suggest shopping at They have a bunch of crotchless panties, and I’ve gotten some from there. They aren’t uncomfortable, they pretty much feel like normal ones. A corset would be nice too but they can be a bit difficult to get the size right. Good luck!

  2. Jordyn says:

    There’s a reason why she asked you to get it, she wants you to get what will make you happy and horny. Otherwise she’ll get what she wants on her own. Personally I think you should go to a lingerie store and tell them your situation. They can suggest a few things and just browse. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s worst thinking about going then actually doing it.

  3. WilliamJ says:

    this stuff is expensive and if you buy everything now what will you do later? pick an item or 2and chose a color. next tim do something different. if you decide you don’t like the lingerie jus tell her you prefer her naked. that’s ok too.

  4. Barcode says:

    Sorry! This is not the Shopping Network! The last I knew it was still Men’s Health!

  5. burlyQbaby says:

    ok im surprised this is under men’s health but nevermind…

    those are links to women’s lingerie, the first link has guides on picking out lingerie for women.

  6. style.ology says:

    Start by reading this Lingerie Buying Guide. It will help you think about exactly what she might want, regarding color, type, etc..

    I love corsets, and I think they’re a great piece of lingerie. Here’s one of my favorite ones from Lingerie Diva:

  7. RebeccaSJ says:

    What do you find sexy? Get her that. She’ll love it.

    I have lingerie my bf bought. He loves it when I wear it.

  8. correia_rosi says:

    You need to first research if your partner likes lingerie and if she does, her personality will clue you in what type of lingerie to buy. For example: If she likes to dress sexy or she is naughty with you, then you should get her something sexy, provocative like a babydoll witha a matching thong in red or black, maybe hot pink with see through fabric or even a sexy costume. If she is romantic, get her something not so revealing, with lace and pastel colors like baby blue, cream, pink, like a camisole, teddy with garder belt and stockings. If she is more shy or conservative, then you can choose a classic style, more with light colors, with lace and longer length, like a gown. You will find more styles at
    Remember that there’s lingerie to impress called “loungewear” and lingerie to actually feel comfortable to sleep in, called “sleepwear”.

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