Sexy Little Bride™: Online Commercial (Extended Cut)

April 22nd, 2011

Victoria’s Secret’s 2011 bridal lingerie collection gets a sexy leg up in this online-exclusive video featuring Supermodel (and real life bride-to-be) Lily Aldridge. Look for Sexy Little Bride™ in stores, catalogue and online at

25 Responses to “Sexy Little Bride™: Online Commercial (Extended Cut)”

  1. ciawarhater says:

    NO TITS at all

  2. cookie123d1 says:

    @22FlamingPhoenix92 people dont like mostly every girl when theyre new, they go “ughh why is she there? omg i hate her so much” then they get used to them

  3. xoxolovergirl21 says:

    shes quite beautiful and cute! I like her exotic but girl next door combination.

  4. noel12th says:

    Man I wish I was marrying Lily!

  5. Oliver10mp says:

    i want to fuck that cake! i mean eat!

  6. vsroxie says:

    cant wait for my day! gonna be quite some time then lol

  7. aumenarys says:

    What a lucky man this Caleb !

  8. SweetestDreamland says:

    And all haters calling her anorexic feel just insecure about themselves as they have weight problem and want be thinner. I’m quite slim and have always longed for curves. But it’ll never occur to me to tell curvier (curvier NOT fatter – there IS a HUGE DIFFERENCE) girl to stop eating that much b/c she is a fat pig when she is actually not and I’m just jealous as she has what I want. So why should you be SO mean because of jealousy?

  9. SweetestDreamland says:

    Well, she is not THAT skinny anyway. I see a lot skinnier girls every day. Yeah, a little weight would do her no harm but if she gains more than 10-15 lbs she’ll look quite fat.

  10. alycat231 says:

    this makes alot of ppl just want to get married so they can wear that XD

  11. Volume2805 says:

    я б женился!!!

  12. 22FlamingPhoenix92 says:

    Lily Aldridge is beautiful!
    I don’t understand why some people don’t like her.
    Haters these days man!!! LILY ROCK ON WITH FINE SELF!! Yeah!

  13. GravDiga says:

    @brooke2248 Dude, you don’t even fully understand my comment… i said i think she is too skinny and hollywood promotes disgusting habits like throwing up, which i hate (of course mental illnesses do too)

    and i would only do a lady that skinny if she was naturally built like that. Next time pay more attention to what you are reading, we all make this mistake sometimes but i’m surprised you totally missed the point of my comment! besides i don’t know if you are thin by nature maybe you b trollin

  14. lovesara97 says:

    she’s gonna have to eat a lot of that wedding cake

  15. teenforeverxox says:

    I found this more awkward than sexy.

  16. alexdanielm says:

    The name of this song!!! ??

  17. aldridg1234 says:

    15 people are haters..I like how people hate on skinny people..being fat is not only unattrative but not healthy..appearance is everything and it says alot about ur character..she likes to look good so whats the problem?? stop hating

  18. MrGirlfucker says:

    I do too for you……

  19. MTismeee says:

    @brooke2248 Some people are just ignorant when it comes to us skinny people. =]

  20. brasilangel03 says:

    uh ‘ew’ went tru my mind when she said ‘i do’

  21. brooke2248 says:

    @GravDiga um no. some people are just born naturally skinny, like me. And i DO NOT throw up “2 times a day”
    thats ridiculous. stop assuming just because your skinny you have to throw up to be that way.

  22. 003wasabi says:

    GRRREAT!!!! They should show this on TV.

  23. eldorado303 says:

    nice commercial, likin’ it

  24. GravDiga says:

    @abigailkristina She is too skinny actually, i mean if her body is normally like that, i’d do her but it’s un-natural (and less beautiful) to be that thin 😛 i think most public figures who look like that throw up 2 times a day, maybe’s sorta sick if you ask me! ( i like more natural looking women)

  25. NatalieLima08 says:

    i dont find her one bit attractive, no offense.

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