Sex with my lecturer?

July 8th, 2011

So i kinda have a crush on my lecturer. She’s about 35-40, blonde blue eyes and just hot. She’s the tall skinny type. Her ass jiggles when she walks and she has a great pair of hips which look really accomodating. I always stare at her during lectures and she’s the only reason i got up this morning. I was looking at her as her stomach was exposed and she swa me and puller her top down. When i came in she was bent over and i could see her breats. They looked so soft and she was wearing a ralph lauren top. Should i ask her to help me with the exams and see if we could have sex over the summer when school finishes? I think she’s married coz i saw a ring on her wedding finger but i’m not sure if it was a wedding ring or not.

5 Responses to “Sex with my lecturer?”

  1. Steven says:

    Maybe you should wait until you hit puberty. Or graduate from grammar school. Or learn how to spell. Which ever comes last.

  2. Lea says:

    yeah and tell me how its goes lol

  3. Little_toki_x says:

    ummm….. you do know she will definitely loose her job if you do sleep with her 0.o
    and tbh it doesn’t sound like she all that interested with you…shes a responsible adult and would most likely want to keep her pride

    sorry x

  4. dinosaursux says:

    WHEELS. go get her boy 😉 loL

  5. Mike Roch says:

    That’s a pretty bold thing to just propose (the question of having sex with her) to a 35 year old woman whose possibly married. Definitely figure out if she’s married, make her get to know you, and wait till the end of the semester before you start thinking about sex (just so its not terribly awkward if you get rejected, unless you couldn’t care less about rejection). Patience is an amazing thing.

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