Sex Problems (Husband Can’t Get Erection)?

June 9th, 2011

I am concerned about my husband and I’s sex life. We have been married for 9 years and all through the years we have had problems with sex. Most of the time I can’t feel anything like it is half soft and half hard other times it rocks my world. About 3 months ago for two months we had good sex now nothing. We only had sex for one month and I hurt my husband’s feelings by saying it wasn’t good. I couldn’t feel anything again. About a month later a week ago we tried again and he only lasted for 5 min and that was it. He says he finds me attractive but I have been so upset about it. I throw bad things at him like it isn’t good or you aren’t good in bed he said this has effected him but he doesn’t know how it bothers me and we didn’t do it this evening either. He said he didn’t have a sex drive. He hasn’t been wearing his wedding ring he said he lost it outside. It was way to big for him. I just want things to work out for us. Is it me? Recently he went on blood pressure pills.
Husband is 35

2 Responses to “Sex Problems (Husband Can’t Get Erection)?”

  1. logicalanswer says:


    Whoa there girl !!! quit yanking the reins and get rid of the spurs !!!

    This is easy !! #1. Get your husband to the doctor for a good medical checkup AND he needs the right kind of high blood pressure meds. The meds he’s taking is shooting down his sex drive. He needs to change meds. As he take BP meds,, is he under allot of stress/pressure ?? Or is it medical ?? Either way together you both have to work on getting his BP down and under control. Is bad diet an issue?? Fix it, get him eating healthy! Get rid of the stress !!

    #2. Stop the “blame game”, name calling, etc. etc.etc.etc !!!! (You may be very pretty on the “outside” but if you’re doing this consistently or even at all!,, you’re not very pretty at all on the inside….)

    You biggest “sex organ” is your mind! His biggest “sex organ” is HIS mind!! Use both of your minds to fulfill both your desires and wishes. Work together to solve this issue between you, don’t work against each other !!

    It’s fairly easy once you both start working together !!

  2. John B says:

    Try to be a little more understanding. Do you think your husband is enjoying the situation? It sounds like a medical problem, probably linked to his blood pressure medication and definitely cureable.
    Get medical help but also get off his case. The pressure that you are applying helps neither his blood pressure or his erectile problems.

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