Sex and The City Blue Wedding Shoes?

April 13th, 2010

I want to wear SJP’s blue shoes with my dress that big gave her on the show. I found them and they are very expensive. Any suggestions on where else to look? Im sure theres a knockoff pair out there somewhere…..Thanks

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  1. Mrs.P2B says:

    SJP’s were manolo blahnik’s. And they can be yours for a measly $945!

    Try these knockoff’s i found on Ebay for a more budget-friendly $89.

    Or these:

  2. Sally says:

    I didn’t like those ebay ones they look odd. I know you can’t spend 600 on Manolos. Here is another pair that might work better quality, but not as expensive as Manolos but not cheap knock off’s either.

  3. van says:

    I loved that movie!! also, Internet shopping is great! same stuff for cheaper (just read the fine print)
    these are some sites i found. check them out. and my advice, keep searching. you might find it somewhere cheaper. ***the ones on ebay for 89.00 are fake. it’s says the brand is “bella bella”. unless you don’t care and just want replicas.

    $159.99 (also in other colors)

    $163.96 (in assorted colors also!)

  4. Kelly says:

    They’re knockoffs, I did some heavy investigating on these versus the real ones… only somewhat noticeable difference is the jewel… obviously not real jewels (hence, why they are so expensive). Good luck!!! 🙂

  5. JM says:

    want to make them for cheap?
    Buy a pair of satin dyeable pumps and have them dyed to the shade of blue you prefer. Then get one of these belt buckles and glue it to the shoe. (you may need to break off the bar on the backside – but they would end up being super cheap and one of a kind.)
    These buttons are great too!

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