Sex and Attraction outside a Committed Relationship?

January 26th, 2011

I have dreams of thoroughly enjoying a makeout session with my guy friend (who is also in a happy long-term, long distance relationship).

Hello all,
I am a 21-year-old girl engaged to the love of my life whom I have been in a committed relationship with for four years. We were friends long before that, we’ve been engaged for eight months, no date is set for the wedding. However, out of the four years we have been a couple, over two and a half has been long distance. He was away at school, now I am.
Just in the past week I have started to be enticed by a new guy friend of mine whom I’ve known for about a month. The guy has a major crush on my roommate but she’s not interested because he is too sweet and sensitive and she’s afraid of hurting him. Then I had this dream about my OTHER guy friend. I have never been attracted to someone else while in love before. I’m starting to think about things like; what’s sex like with other people?
What is it like? How do I handle this?
I’m not considering cheating. My fiancĂ© has told me in the past he would be okay with an open relationship and I said no way. I am not interested in being with anyone else! But what do I do?

8 Responses to “Sex and Attraction outside a Committed Relationship?”

  1. mike l says:

    go for it

  2. iLoVeMySoLd!eRbOy! says:

    Well if you decide to do anything with this other guy than tell your bf…because if you love him you won’t want to hurt him…and if you do something behind his back It’ll come back & bite you in the ass twice as bad!

  3. radbagm3 says:

    Your young and not ready for marriage. It’s quite normal of someone your age to feel like that. Put off the engagement and date other people. Once you are tired of the dating scene, then you’ll know you’re ready for a committed relationship. You notice I didn’t mention engagement and marriage. That’s a different level. Stick with Step 1. Good luck!

  4. lonewolf says:

    Well it is obvious you are not truly in love with your guy, if you were those thoughts could not enter your mind.Be honest with him about it.

  5. Queen of my Lion says:

    cool off !!!!!!!!!111
    don’t ruin your relationship with the love of your life!!!!!!!!
    sex is just sex,
    what u have with your fiance is more than sex…
    if u wanna lose what you have, go for it, but you’ll terribly REGRET what you’ve done…

  6. Leeza D says:

    Your probably attracted to these men because of the lack of your own man in your life. It’s natural and it’s normal, but I wouldn’t let it control my choices.

    If you wish to pursue this then do so, but think of what is in danger if you do.

    But maybe it may be time to try something different.

  7. NekoMimi says:

    Talk it over with your fience and see if he would be open to a Poly Relationship…

    Other then that you don’t sound like you really want to be commited to one person…

    There is nothing wrong with any of this unless you actually marry the guy and cheat on him…

    That is dishonest and just flat out wrong…

    If you belive that you are oging to cheat after you marry then don’t get hitched…

    It is better to suffer the short term then to ruin your mate by cheating and divorsing.

  8. hannah.miller90 says:

    u dont sound commited

    its ok to look or think but not to do it

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