Several questions about weddings..?

May 14th, 2011

Okay, so, let’s see..
I’m engaged, we aren’t planning to get married till we’re older though [only 18].
But I have been thinking about marriage a lot lately. And I have a lot of questions now.
First.. do you have to invite family? My fiance’s family are pretty much all drunked up bitches who harass him and stuff. [I’m not sure, he might want to invite a few of them] And then my family aren’t really happy with my relationship with him, and I have never really been close to them. They aren’t happy with who I am, I don’t feel that they deserve to see something so important in my life. And I would really rath just invite some really close friends. I don’t think I want a large wedding, due to the fact that I am scared of large groups and would feel uncomftorable with a lot of people stareing.

Also, how weird is it NOT to wear a wedding dress? I hate wearing white, and I have never worn a dress since I was like, 5. They don’t suit me, it’s not like I’m majorly large or anything, but Ipreferr wearing casual clothing. Dresses are extremely uncomfortable to me. I’m pretty plaining in general, I don’t wear makeup or jewelry [The wedding ring shall be the only jewelry I will be happy to wear] and don’t bother making my hair fancy. It’s naturally fluffy and my fiance loves it.

So.. wedding dresses aren’t a need, are they?
Well, it would most likely be quieter if we only invited some friends who were happy for us.. We are both friends with a lot of the same people since we introduced them to each other, so it shouldn’t be to bad..

And hair down with a flower? I can do that. x3 Even if I ussaly have it up.

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  1. Ophiuchus says:

    hey you know its your wedding, your life.. you can do what ever makes you happy.. you dont have to do a traditional wedding if you dont want to… the end result is all that matters, besides, weddings are not cheap and with this economy, might aswelll save some money

  2. Mia says:

    If you feel they will upset you on your special day then you dont have to, they might hate you for doing so but if you feel you will have a fight at your wedding over it,, I dont recommended it

    Wedding Dresses ARE BIG! if you dont like the feel of dresses than get a simple one and it doesn’t have to be white, your hair, if u dont like fancy just leave it down and put a flower in it or something small

  3. sold.outt says:

    Nope you can have your wedding anyway you want to…key word is it’s YOUR wedding. It’s the one day you get to have everything the way you and your fiance want it be. On the other hand…say down the line.. you have a better relationship with your family and he has a better one with his family, you both may regret not having them there. But I mean, I’m not in your shoes, I don’t know the full story. In the end, just make sure you have a good day. :]
    The dress is totally optional, you don’t even have to wear white. You can wear anything you want.

  4. milton b says:

    Every girl thinks she is going to have a simple quiet wedding and none of them ever do. I have been to exactly one wedding that was simple and fun and the bride had to fight her mother tooth and nail to keep it that way. It would be nice if you got the kind of wedding you want but it seldom works out that way.

  5. theologygirl says:

    This website will be a lifesaver for you:

    Offbeat Bride

    I’ve seen brides in pantsuits, costumes, and other outfits – always amazing, because the women were being themselves.

    The sister site is awesome, too. It’s for social networking – there are amazing ideas flying there all the time, and there are groups for people going through family issues.

    I write a blog emphasizing creativity and encouraging brides on tight budgets. On the bottom of the first page, there’s an entry featuring a bride who wore a skirt and top:

  6. hello miss lady says:

    I ama trainee wedding planner [ and also engaged….and 18] feel free to email me with any questions i would love to help.

  7. Libby says:

    “First.. do you have to invite family?”

    No… but prepare for family to be pissed if you exclude them. However, pissy families are one big reason people elope!

    “So.. wedding dresses aren’t a need, are they?”

    Nope. A friend of mine go married in a short dress with a black skirt and black-and-white top, with mary janes. My mom got married in a gold pants suit (it was the 70s). Another girl I know got married in a ruby red dress. You can wear whatever you want.

    No one ever said you had to wear a WHITE bridal gown. It can be any color you want, if you choose to wear a dress. And when you are engaged, give some dresses a shot, just for fun. On the show “Say Yes To The Dress” I’ve seen lady cops and lesbian couples and all sorts of women who SWORE they weren’t girlie girls, but when they try on a real bridal gown, something happens. They discover that they like looking and feeling like a bride, and it’s so much fun to watch when that happens! If there’s one day where you deserve to feel absolutely beautiful, it’s your wedding day. So keep an open mind. 😉

  8. autumn lover says:

    It’s your own wedding. You can do whatever you like, invite whoever you wish and NOT wear a wedding dress if you are uncomfortable. You can just get something nice and elegant to wear and who is to say anything?! Enjoy ur day.

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