Serious Diet/Excercise/Health plans and help needed here.?

May 10th, 2011

Hi guys, im currently a hefty 104kg guy, aged 18 and at 169cm or 5′ 7″.

I did have a workout plan but last year, i managed to destroy my life single handedly in all aspects.

This year im determine to make a change that stays. So i need a diet plan that works as well as excercise plan.

I currently run nearly everyday.
Monday – TAF club
Tues – PE lessons
Weds – Morning Run
Thurs – TAF & PE
Friday – Personal Run
Sat&Sun – Gym time with 30-40min cardio.

Im capable of running a full 4-5km at a slow pace, and have reduced myself from 110 to 104 in about 1.3months , so its going alright i guess.

In a gym i work out a 5km on a threadmill, 16 plates on lateral pull downs [I use Nautica equipment] and other stuffs too.

Can I hear some stories about how people do lose weight?
Any tips?
Foods to avoid?

I wonder whats wrong, motivations and things to avoid doing and more.

I eat bread/salad/ rice&dishes [Im Asian]
My ideal weight is 80-70kgs, so thats 20kgs right?

How long might I take? and what excercises should I do?

2 Responses to “Serious Diet/Excercise/Health plans and help needed here.?”

  1. Denise B says:

    OK. Really get into the dark leafy greens. Dring only water…with lemon juice added. Cut the sugar. What I did was get 2 packages. The one for weight loss from It literally saved me from my sugar addiction and got me drinking more water and stopped me from overeating. I actually got it both on cd and download. The other is the home exercise boot camp set of dvds called P90X from Yes, I lost, I firmed and it’s stayed now for 2 years!

  2. kushal_rcc says:

    hey.. i just started my weight loss programme…. it’s not as extensive as yours though, i’m also 18, and i want to get a flat belly… i’m about 75 kg btw….

    i’m doing 30 min of physical exercises every morning(around 6 am). this is the time when you have the least amount of sugar in your blood. your body will tend to burn the fat instead. i’m also having long cold showers as often as possible(i hope it really works….huh). because your body has to compensate for this energy loss.

    i’m having a low carb diet with the least amount of sugar possible.

    i hope it will work for me….

    and good luck to you

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