senior in highschool, having trouble picking a major..?

May 10th, 2011

I still am not set on any particular career choice.. I want a good paying yet fun job.
I’m thinking about
1. The hospitality field.. managing a hotel maybe near a beach.. that’d be fun.
2. Wedding Planner.. I’ve researched some but haven’t found much about it.

PS. I live in a small area… I don’t want to move too far…and i’m not sure if
I would make good money in the wedding planning business from where I live.

Any ideas/info?!

2 Responses to “senior in highschool, having trouble picking a major..?”

  1. PE2008 says:

    “Wedding Planner” is for obese women who live in trailer parks and arrange wedding for a carton of cigarettes.

    Too many people wanting to be “Hotel Managers” in beach resorts, and not enough career-paying jobs.

    Take a test called the “Strong Interest Inventory” (exactly that title). This test will give you ideas about what careers may suit your interests.

  2. Michelle says:

    I am a wedding planner and I can tell you that the “fat slobs in a trailer park” are not the real deal.
    Both of these industries I have worked in for many years and I have to tell you that they are not an easy industry to be in. they are the most stressful occupations next to air traffic controllers.

    There is a lot of new planners moving in and charging pennies because they dint know just how hard and how much work goes into it. Sure it looks easy on t.v or on line but that is because we are professionals and that is our job.
    I have planned 40 weddings if not more in a single year so my self and team have it down to a “t”
    As for the money it is a seasonal job, having another job like working at a Hotel as there events manager might be a good option.

    If you live in a small town it might not be a bad idea.. you won’t have much composition and you could maybe get on the town council and plan community events too! You could be the only one for miles that can provide brides to be the help and assistance they would other wise pay out the nose for if they hired some one from the city…

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