Second-Hand Cars Are Useless

December 15th, 2010

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One test of the plate, the car has been used for many years an old friend, sudden impulse, and said to buy cars to travel. Just a friend can make of used cars to him, even his fancy, according to his description, it is the Ministry of European luxury cars, the age of thirteen years, it sold two million yuan level. Thirteen years old used car is the biggest problem. How to get started even if the owners careful maintenance, the size of second-hand car certainly hidden problems, such as when to attack it. Once the problem occurs, repair and maintenance inevitably costly, especially in Europe vehicle, its parts must be better than a lot of expensive Japanese cars. If the price of two million dollars, I venture to estimate that if bought, the first year’s maintenance cost will be more than twenty thousand yuan! In other words, his actual pay, far more than two million dollars, easily fifty thousand yuan, or have second-hand cars are useless. However, this is going to pay fifty thousand yuan, that of used trucks can use for many years? Han will issue a second year? How much to repair? Article few really lapel of dollars.

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