Russian Women? Sexy and Fun? or Evil?

July 3rd, 2011

A friend of mine recently went with a tour group to Russia. The tour group was Kind of introdutionary service to meet foriegn women. He told me the women there are gorgeous love Americans, and better then anything in the states. Is this true. Is this a mail order bride service? The women he said knock your socks off. Are the just looking for a free ticket here. If I go on such a trip and bring a girl home, am I just going to get her pregant and have a expensive headache?

5 Responses to “Russian Women? Sexy and Fun? or Evil?”

  1. 10mm says:

    My guess would be expensive headache… Once she gets her citizenship she’ll be out the door.

  2. Laura J says:

    im russian and im fun n sexy

  3. Seti says:

    They’re not anything in particular… Just regular women looking to have a good life. Sure, they’re hoping for a ticket here. C’mon, if they weren’t, wouldn’t they be kissing some fat american’s a**? But it ain’t gonna be free, both parties are taking risks when entering such a relationship.

  4. sweety says:

    OK first of all you have to understand that those women come from a poverty place and when an American goes over there they think about a free ticket to the States and money. Well not all women are like this in Russia i believe there are women with feelings but most of them comes from bad poverty and they want to run away from that. Look as woman i would do that too.But don’t believe they take off socks. Women are all the same wherever you go. Trust me on that. But you know is always better a woman from your country for a lot of reason.Anyway women from the east Europe they make men feel like king because that is them way to get a man. All i can say be smart and open your eyes. Good luck

  5. TOM says:

    i don’t think they would be any different to any other race,you get good and bad in all races.

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