RSVP cards or online?

December 12th, 2010

My fiance and I are trying to plan a wedding for when he is home for a short leave from the army in October. We just got engaged last week, I know I need to give people time to plan so we need to send out invitations fairly soon. I am very into recycling and trying to save the environment and we are also on a very limited budget. That said would it be OK to add a note to the envelope asking people to RSVP online or by calling rather than using the extra paper (and postage) of an RSVP card AND envelope? It just seems like a lot of extra paper to me. I also feel like having people respond electronically would help me keep track of who is coming/not coming.

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  1. prplfae says:

    As long as the wedding isn’t very formal, like a black tie affair, then its fine. If you use they actually have a place for your guests to respond on your wedding website.

  2. 4REEE says:

    It’s actually best to provide as *many* means as possible for people to respond.

    Then when it’s time for you to actually get a head count, my advice to you would be to start “pulling some teeth.” Start sending e-mail reminders, make phone calls, even personal visits.


  3. Rent says:

    Yes that’s fine. A new trend I’ve heard about out there is that people do electronic invites or video invites. So I don’t think it will be a problem. You could even try writting something cute about saving paper and going green when asking to RSVP online or via phone, that way they’ll understand it better too.

    Some wedding websites have a place to RSVP on them.

    the has something similar too

  4. Cammie says:

    What about people who don’t have computers ?

  5. Chriztina says:

    We created an e-mail address for wedding planning purposes that we both have access to. We decided to also use it for the RSVP purpose as well. Like you, I don’t like wasting paper and actually considered creating digital invitations but my fiance wanted to do paper ones. I think having people RSVP via e-mail or phone is a great idea. I’m in the process of creating digital Thank You cards for people who give us gifts and for those who I know check their e-mail often.

  6. soichu says:

    Many of your guests will probably like the simplicity of responding online. Some of your older friends and relatives might not have online access, though, and if they don’t have a cellphone they might be stuck paying for a long distance call. Or they might just get confused by the lack of an RSVP card and not respond to you at all. Have people RSVP online and by phone if you wish, but be prepared that you might have to make a lot of phone calls to find out if some of your guests are attending.

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