Reception planning help?

February 2nd, 2011


I’m going tomorrow to meet with the people at our reception site about finalizing things for my wedding in 2 months.

We’re going to do cake tasting (already paid for with the place), talk about the order of events, and some decor stuff.

Anything else you think we should be going over? I don’t have many opportunities to drive out there so I want to talk about everything possible…

Thanks 🙂

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  1. Katiegirl says:

    Those all sound good. I made sure that I took detailed notes of what we talked about, because we picked food, table settings, linens, and arrangement of the tables. The reception site coordinator also took notes, and later that week sent me a typed of version of everything that we talked about. I made sure her list and my list matched so if there were ever any questions later, we could go back and compare. Also if you think of any questions or concerns before you go, write them down and take them with you so you won’t forget anything. Good luck and congratulations.

  2. Yve G says:

    Go over again what you’re paying for. I was really surprised that there was a charge for cutting and serving the cake to the wedding guests. Make sure there will be no surprises so that they won’t ask for money on your wedding day.

  3. Kirsten says:

    Sounds like you have a lot of bases covered. At my wedding, the reception place made a mistake in where they placed some of my flowers….they put the flowers that were supposed to go on and around my cake (we opted against a cake topper) on the tables that were out during my cocktail hour. I didn’t notice it until i got pictures back and the cake looked so bare!! So, i would make sure that your reception people know where to place items that other vendors bring. And also, i think it would help if the other vendors labeled were their items are supposed to go. Good luck!

  4. ? says:

    I would also address the acoustics and the sound insulation for the room/hall that the reception is being held in; and the reception locale’s policy as to gratuities for its staff.

  5. skye says:

    You might like to ask who is responsible for the table plan and setting out place cards and what not on the day. I always thought the staff would do it but I have to send my sister into the function room at 10:30 in the morning to place them out for me because they don’t do it. Make sure you take notes and if theres anything that you are required to do yourself, make sure they have written it all down for you. And yes, I agree that you should go over everything that you have paid for. Good luck and congrats.

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