reception help!!!!?

May 13th, 2011

okay i want to fill my vases with heart shaped, marbles or whatever you want to call them. I have been able to find red but i need to find black and silver. any ideas??? or anyother ideas to fill the vases using my black red and silver color scheme? i really want to use hearts though. someone please give me ideas. this wedding reception planning is driving me insane!!!

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  1. lady A says:

    you need to be more flexible.. do candles and water or flower pedals. what are these for? or you could cut red, black, and silver hearts out of paper and have to guest write a note to the bride and groom to fill the vases. or you can do Candy’s.. hope i helped

  2. Jewlzy says:

    I went through this also and just opt for a totally different center piece lol we are actually going with lanterns ( we are having a fall wedding)…but a friend of mine had this gel kind of crystal that she put food colouring in and it sparkled in the light. It was beautiful.
    Try a craft store like Michael’s…maybe u’ll get lucky.
    Good luck and Congrats!

  3. Bunky says:

    Why dont you use the red hearts and the other colors with regular marbles. I think it would still be cute.

    I wanted to add one more thing. I used eiffle tower vases and the marbles would not fit down the neck of the vase. So make sure if it has a small opening they will fit.

  4. jennifersthegreatest says:

    Here are some heart shaped beads…

    Or how about black and silver regular beads in the vases and wrap a black and silver ribbon with hearts on it around it.

  5. Kjersti G says:

    Get those gold fish bowl stones they’re pretty much the same thing and are easy to find at craft stores!

    YAY! Those are my excat colors.

  6. Soon2BMrs.Lee says:

    they have really nice choices! good luck!

  7. Jen C says:

    If you are after red, black and silver heart shaped marbles then you might be pushing it a bit.

    Have you considered using just the red heart shaped marbles and then have the black and silver as small round marbles or river stones or the tiny pebbles they put in fish tanks or coloured sand?

    This would make the heart shapes stand out even more as the two darker colours being different would make the red hearts stand out rather than there being all hearts in all three colours.

    Another idea would be to mix the red hearts and black round marbles in the vase and tie a silver ribbon around the bottom of the vase.

    The red hearts sound lovely so i think if you could find a way to make them really stand out you will be set.

    you could also mix black and silver marbles in the vases and scatter a few of the red hearts just on the table….

    just a few more ideas for you

  8. Jessica says:

    I think the red heart rocks with black and silver round marbles would look really nice. And they should be fairly easy to find. It’ll make the red hearts really pop.

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