Question about bridal lingerie: how to where the garter in relation to the thigh-high stockings and garterbelt

October 24th, 2010

I’m not really a girlie-girl: I typically wear sports bras and chick-boxers so this whole lingerie thing just makes my head spin
BUT I wanted to feel (& look) sexy for my wedding night so I went out and got something that makes me feel (& look) great…
now my only problem is I’m unsure of how to wear it, lolz
I hope someone on here can help me…
I got this bustier and thong set (in white) from Victoria Secret,
the bustier has garter straps that hang down to attach to the stockings (I bought white thigh-high nylons to put on once we get to the hotel).
Now my only question is…where do I wear my garter? (not the garter that gets thrown at the reception, but the one my husband gets to keep). Do I wear it around the band of my thigh-highs just below where the garter straps attach? Or no, somewhere else? TY

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  1. JM says:

    wear the garter for you hubby on your thigh, below the garter strap attachments. best wishes

  2. queen of de-nyle.. says:

    I would say wear it around or just above the band of your thigh-highs, make him work to get them things off. lol

  3. Browned Eyed Girl ;) says:

    You should wear your garter a few inches above your left knee. I heard that brides wear 2 garters. A plain one that is the one that the groom takes off and a fancy (lacey) one that should be the one you keep as a memory. Usually the “something blue” for some brides. 🙂

    Ooooh La La @ the set you purchased. Your hubby is going to love it! 😀

    I hope I helped!

  4. Well Now? says:

    Here’s a picture to illustrate where you should wear it:

    Put your bustier, thong, and stocking set on, then put the garter on like it is in this picture. It should be just a bit above your knee.

    Either way, have a great wedding night!!!
    EDIT: Definitely don’t put it above your stockings or garter straps. Most men like to take the garter off with their teeth (the wedding tradition), and it might be hard for him to do it that way. It could easily get stuck on the garter straps! That would be awkward!

  5. Carrie says:

    Looks great, i like it.
    But here is a suggestion for you, why not when you & your partner get to your hotel room why dont you then change into this outfit, instead of wearing it all day long.
    Than this way you wont have to worry about flashing everyone your lingerie.
    Your garter is worn on your thigh.
    Good luck

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