Proposing to my Fiance!?

February 1st, 2011

Well, clever of you to realize that didn’t make much sense.

Let me clarify. Me and my fiance never had the traditional “Get on my knees and give her a ring” proposal. She deserves one. I would love nothing more than to give it to her.

We are sperated for the next 3 months and 3 weeks. It’s really killing me. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

I’ve been thinking of either of the two scenarioes, please tell me what you like better:

I was planning on proposing to her at the Airport. Where the ecstasy is high, our hearts are pounding, and we’re crying because we’ve been apart so long. I thought, “What better time?” I’m not trying to kill her but in a sense, this would be the longest impression, and people form the whole world will bear witness (hence it’s an airport.) Then again.. I mean.. it’s a crowded airport, how romantic is that? Meh.

Secondly, our Anniversary is on April 12th. The first day I met her and asked her to be my girlfriend, April 12th at Magnolia movie theatres.

I was thinking; maybe I should ask her on a date to there on April 12th and propose to her in the exact spot where I asked her out.

I was planning on giving her the original movie ticket I purchases that night. But, stupid me. It got lost in the transition when I was seperated form her. However, I am planning on giving her a gold ring, a simple gold ring that never ends. Please don’t comment me on that money doesn’t show a person how much you love them, I’m not very rich, she does deserve better, I wish I could give her what she deserves but I can’t. Inscribed on it though, will be my wedding vows.

So in your opinion, which do you think would mean the most? I’m kind of leaning tward the second one, this way maybe I could save a little extra and afford to give her the ring she deserves.

10 Responses to “Proposing to my Fiance!?”

  1. Carebear2010 says:

    The second. For sure. With no doubt in my mind. And please don’t worry about the price of a ring. This will not matter in the long run, what will matter is the drive you have to make her happy, and give her what she deserves. Good luck…you two sound like you will have a long happy marriage.

  2. Michelle says:

    i think that the second idea is really really cute and that the ring idea would be awesome!

  3. hilzychillzy says:

    the movie ticket thing is sooo cutteee!!!!
    i guess it depends on how long you want to wait…
    but i do like the movie one

  4. Kathren T says:

    I would go with the second idea. As a woman just your remembering that day and where you were would mean the world. Maybe wrap the ring in some paper that you make look like a duplicate ticket from your first date and put it in her favor candy. Or price the big screen ads I hear the don’t cost very much.

    Sounds like she’s very lucky to have found you. Good luck.

  5. Lexia says:

    Personally I would go for the 2nd option..Its more sweet & adorable..for her & yourself to look back & tell people. Cute! I wish you the best!

  6. disasterous says:

    Me and my father both agree on number two. He says she’ll like the date memory and I think she’ll like it well for the same reason. The beginning of a relationship and the beginning of forever when you ask her to marry you. 😀 good luck!! Wish you best wishes!!! 😀

  7. Big B says:

    I agree with everyone else. Second one gets my vote bud. Probably as the only guy to respond, but that would have been more along the lines of something I think my girl would be more fond of than something really public like the airport.

  8. jackibear says:

    Go with the second one so it’s more personal. Good luck and congratulations!!

  9. l y says:

    they’re both great ideas! if she’s sentimental, i’d go with the second. if she’s spontaneous, go with the first. good luck!

  10. jennybean7985 says:

    ok first off can i clone u? that is the sweetest thing i ever heard… i legit just out loud said awwww and put my hand over my heart… she is one lucky girl!!

    i say the second one definitely!! asking her to marry u in the same spot u asked her out would be the cutest thing ever. i think u should have a friend or co worker that she has never met stand near u guys (don’t be obvious) and have a video camera ready to film it… that would be a cute thing to show later on

    and the gold ring is a great idea.. maybe u can get it engraved with a line from whatever movie u guys went to go see instead of the vows.. im sure there is one sweet or romantic line in the movie..unless u went and saw Predator haha

    good luck!!

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