Pregnant? Or did I just skip my period?(rare?)?

May 8th, 2011

I was suppose to start my period the 9th, but didn’t my cycle is very regular, so I find that odd. Although, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex Wed (4 days before the 9th). my period still hasn’t come. I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative. I’m quite confussed and I’m not really sure what’s going on. Could I have skipped my period for this month? How likely is that? Or could the pregnancy test just be wrong? Should I try again?

5 Responses to “Pregnant? Or did I just skip my period?(rare?)?”

  1. Kristine A says:

    Ask a doctor!

  2. Sugarfree says:

    The pregnancy test could be wrong, or it could be too early to tell maybe. See a doctor ASAP!

  3. Brianna Storm says:

    Try a different test not the same one that brand could have been wrong and cheapy and if youve been throwing up you for sure are probably

  4. Shanice says:

    there might be a chance that you are pregnant if you cycle is regular than yes you can be, it does take 2 to 3 weeks for the pt to be accurate so i would wait for awhile and if it still hasn’t come see ur doc take another pt, or go to plan parent hood, they will talk to you about it and give you some options and ask what you would like to do.

    28 weeks pregnant with my first

  5. luvfurypassionenergybabe says:

    You’re probably not pregnant. On a 30 day cycle, you would generally not be fertile on the 25th or 26th day. Are you under stress? been sick? those kinds of things can cause you to miss a period.

    You would probably have a positive test now, a week late on your period. But I guess it doesn’t hurt to try another one in another couple weeks.

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