Planning an intimate wedding in Victoria, BC. Any suggestions on locations?

April 27th, 2011

My fiance and I are planning an April 9, 2011 wedding in Victoria, BC and are kind of struggling to find a location. We’re thinking outside (maybe with an indoor alternative in case of rain), nothing super pricey as it will just be the two of us, wedding commissioner, photographer and 1 witness. Any suggestions are helpful!

3 Responses to “Planning an intimate wedding in Victoria, BC. Any suggestions on locations?”

  1. Cleopatra says:

    By the harbor. The sail boats look beautiful in all pictures. As well, there is a special ambient there – little events/gatherings going on at the port. Imagine yourself and your fiance moving crowds of people as you walk through after you’ve said your vows and taken pictures. I bet – people will start clapping.

  2. knh959 says:

    Royal Road University.

    (I’m not sure but I think you need two witnesses)

  3. Olivia says:

    I would say Victoria Harbour also.

    If you want to stay at a decent hotel for your honeymoon try the Queen Victoria Hotel. They have good packages and have a restaurant attached as well as a small pool, hot tub, and exercise room.

    The hotel doesn’t look like anything special ffrom the outside but the rooms are quite nice for my standards. We stay there everytime we go to Victoria. It’s located in a great location – right downtown near the harbour.

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