Planning a wedding with $1500. Is it even possible?

May 8th, 2011

I know this should be under weddings but it seems like the parenting question is the only active category or something. If you have any advice to share please do.
It’s time for us to tie the knot, we are both tired of waiting and saving. We have about $1500 and can maybe spare a little more. I don’t know if we are going to have a small wedding with just the 2 of us and then a party where all our friends can come or if we are just going to have a wedding and party all in one. Anyway will I be able to plan something nice for $1000? This will have to pay for everything, the place, food, rings, dress/suit, etc. And where do you even start when you plan a wedding? Any helpful sites besides
And letme just add that I know it won’t be fancy and I don’t want anything fancy. Only a few people will be invited. A dress I can get for $99 at davids bridal and I’ve seen white gold wedding ring sets for $200. I’m more worried about venue (will a church be cheaper) and food and the cake etc.

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  1. Fabrizio Germanotta says:

    yea sure if ur a redneck just get some beer and stuff

  2. Zorro says:

    We spent less than $300

    25 for the marriage certificate and court house weddin
    250 for beer and champagne
    25 for 2 cakes from the Wal-Mart

  3. MeliBeck says:

    My parents had a backyard wedding @ our house less than 1700 was spent including the party.

  4. Jessica says:

    you can do it. i spent 150 on my designer dress because i found a bridal shop with a going out of business sale. we found a beginner photographer, who still did amazing work, trying to build her portfolio who did it for very cheap. tux’s are around 50 to rent and usually run deals for a group. pick a public venue if you have beaches or nice parks or somewhere like that cause unless your a member of a church your going to pay for it. plus with an outside venue you don’t need as much decoration. food, cake and drinks were the most expensive for us. so what we did is picked the people we absolutely had to have at our reception just because they’re at the wedding doesn’t mean you have to pay to feed them. you can do wedding invites and then separate ones for the reception. use party platters for food it doesn’t have to be a sit down meal most people want to move around anyway. and consider doing your own cake.

  5. Ashley ♥Aislings Mum♥ {09.25.08} says:

    My mum is planning her wedding and so far, she’s got it all planned for under $1000.

    No fancy clothes, the female side of the wedding party will wear sundresses and sandals. The male side will wear khaki pants and a dress shirt. Her friend is a hairdresser and will be doing our hair.
    It will go right to the reception, no meal. The wedding party will go out to dinner either later that night or the next day.
    The whole thing will be in her backyard, no renting a venue. Ceremony and reception. All they have to pay for there are snacks and drinks.
    She’s getting her DJ with a discount because I know him.
    Her friend will be her photographer, free of charge as a wedding present.
    My sister is trying to become a chef and is making the wedding cake.

    So the most expensive part of her wedding is the rings.

    It is very possible to have a cheap wedding, as long as you know where to shop, have space at your disposal and with some things, know the right people.

  6. Destiny Lewis says:

    yeh sure if u go to vegas and get married with nobody there

  7. mommyof2 says:

    It is very possible, you can go to wally world and get a 3 tier wedding cake for under $200 or a 2 tier for under $100 just depending on how many people you are feeding. My church cost $100 dollars and sometimes you can choose to pay the preacher. Usually though the preacher wants about $50. Food trays and stuff you can make yourself and make that a whole lot cheaper! like you said you can go to David’s bridal, but they will sell you a whole lot of other stuff, or at least attempt it, and run your bill up to about a grand. But you can get the stuff they are trying to sell you a lot cheaper! trust me! Just shop around. Last rent a tux, a lot cheaper than buying one! And flowers, find the right place and that will be a lot cheaper than you think to, I got my flowers and my 3 bridesmaid flowers, plus my husbands..ugh…flower thingy (lol can’t think of what it is called) and his 3 groomsmen thingys for about $200 and they were very fancy! So yea, hope this helps.

  8. tish_part deux says:

    congrats on your nuptials!!!

    vegas baby!! vintage wedding dress from a consignment shop, plane tix for 2, 2 night stay at the bellagio, marriage license, ceremony, dinner…. we invited a few folks who were either local or flew in. @1650.00

    my sister got married in her living room. she rented chairs, and bought decoration from michael’s. all the food was catered by a local cook, the cake was made by her sister in law (as a gift) and the photographer was a grad student at georgetown. i think she might have spent about @1500, maybe a little more, but definitely not less than $2K.

  9. cathrl69 says:

    Sure it’s possible. How much does a registry office wedding cost – less than $100, surely? $200 on rings? Mine cost £20. I wore my mother’s wedding dress. A friend of a friend made the cake for the price of the ingredients.

    You don’t have to throw $$$ at a party either – you could just have one at your house.

    Remember, it’s your wedding. Have what _you_ want. Not what you think you ought to want.

  10. Sookie Stackhouse says:

    Yeah. I got married on a public beach. Couple hundred for the ceremony, $20 on a white sarong and plain white tank top, $20 for flowers at Walmart, there ya go!!!

  11. Elise says:

    Its more than enough. A church will be cheaper.

  12. Oh-Yeah! says:

    I think you should just go to the courthouse and get married and then throw a party for your friends and family.
    Do you have Elks Lodge, Moose Lodge or anything like that where you live? Usually those places have banquet areas that can fit a good number of people. (they also usually have a sound system for music)
    My brother had his reception at the Shrine Club and they bought 2 kegs, some liquor, cooked a hog, had sides like mac and cheese, pasta salad, green beans, rolls, things like that. They probably only spent $400 on the reception stuff.
    To save money you could bake your own cake, or find a friend that is creative and talented to do it for you. Also recruit family and friends to help make the food for the reception. No need for a caterer. You can just rent those chafer things to keep the food warm.

  13. Amay Lila says:

    I think you can do!

  14. Jenn ♥Cadence Jade's mum♥ says:

    Sure its possible. My wedding didn’t cost very much. We had the reception at my parents house which saved a lot. If you have a home and can do it there or if someone you know will allow it at their place it will save a ton. If not look into a hall that will allow you to bring your own food. Making food will really save you. My mom made everything for our wedding. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Salads, cold cuts and buns, veggies and dip, crackers and cheeses….there were no complaints about the meal at ours. The cake can be simple too. We had a slab cake that cost about $40. It fed all 50 people with some left over.

  15. mom of 2 says:

    walmart’s wedding/party section will become your best friend.
    we got most of the stuff there. table cloths, cake topper, silverware ( a box of 100 for like $2.50), some table decor, flowers (real and fake), and our rings. my hubby had spent $500 there for my engagement ring. i got a simple gold band for the wedding that was $40 – $50. my hubby’s mom gave him a ring that she had bought for someone who did not like it.

    the dollar store is cheaper for plates, napkins, cups.

    i got my dress from a store that sells prom/homecoming dresses. the girls bought their own (matching sun dresses and sandals) and the guys bought black dress pants, shirt and ties.

    my dad called the court house and did what it took to become licensed to marry. he married us for free.we rented out a fire hall ($400) and had the wedding and reception both there. the DJ was my dad’s friend and only charge $150.

    my mom made the food. we had meatballs (buns and cheese to make meatball hoagies), sloppy joes, macaroni salad, potato salad, fruit and fruit dip, a veggie tray, pepperoni/cheese/cracker tray, and drinks.

    we spent about $350 on alcohol …

    it was not expensive but it was nice. you are married no matter how much you spend on it! we had 150 – 185 people at our wedding

    for a cake… go to your local grocery store. we got a 3 tier cake that was very pretty for under $100. actually i think it was about $65ish…

  16. LadyLuck_J.D. says:

    When I got married my whole wedding, including my dress cost just under a grand. I got my dress at a thrift store for a hundred dollars. It was a never before worn, 5k floor model from a store that went out of business.
    If you have actual chapels in your area look into them. Some offer nice packages that cover most things.

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