Planning a wedding with $1000. Is it even possible?

May 8th, 2011

It’s time for us to tie the knot, we are both tired of waiting and saving. We have about $1000 and can maybe spare a little more. I don’t know if we are going to have a small wedding with just the 2 of us and then a party where all our friends can come or if we are just going to have a wedding and party all in one. Anyway will I be able to plan something nice for $1000? This will have to pay for everything, the place, food, rings, dress/suit, etc. And where do you even start when you plan a wedding? Any helpful sites besides
@banana—davids bridal has dresses for $99 and very beautiful ones for just a little more. I’m not the all eyes on me type of person. A dress doesn’t make a wedding and I’m not even trying to go all top notch for anything.

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  1. Bananapeel34 says:

    not really i mean you could try but even cheap dresses are like $600

  2. Miranda Lee says:

    With dresses and suits, they’re pretty pricy, some are even $1000 at the least, but if you REALLY want something below that, then you can look at secondhand stores, or just buy a simpler dress at any store.

    Place/rings/food will probably be a bigger problem. Places will probably be pricy, cheapest would probably be a conference room in a motel or something and even that might be 900$ at the least. Rings maybe can be around 800$ if you want a good quality ring, or again look at a secondhand store. Food will be expensive too again around the 700-900$ area, but if you want cheap, you can find a cheaper restaraunt to cater, not going to lie, it won’t be fancy.

    Planning a wedding with $1000 ONLY is virtually impossible, and then you have to buy invites for the guest, and cake. But if you’re really considering this, talk to a wedding planner. Find a local phonebook and start looking up names. Goodluck.

  3. MSP71 says:

    Cheap rings:

    Cheap decorations:

    Cheap dresses:

    Make your own invitations.
    Only have the groom wear/rent a tux, let others wear their own clothes.
    Ask someone to sponsor the wedding and reception at their home/backyard
    Use balloons to decorate instead of flowers
    Make the food yourself the day before instead of hiring a caterer (serve buffet style).
    Get a nice wedding cake from Raleys instead of a large bakery.
    Hire a justice of the peace or notary public instead of a preacher.
    There are party rental places that rent tables/chairs for cheap, you’ll have to find one local to you.

    I think you can pull it off, but you are going to have to do a lot of the work yourself

  4. planner says:

    please do not listen to people who don’t know what they are talking about. planning a wedding on 1000 dollars is entirely possible and you can have a very nice one too.

    if you wish to share what town and state you wish to marry in, i will be happy to recommend some venues and other ideas to help you get it done, but you will have to repost this because we are only allowed one answer per question.

    incase you are not able or willing to share your location, try for parks or city/county owned and operated facilities. they are always the cheapest. do get your outfits from davids. they have the best discounted prices.

    do your own flowers and decorations and keep your guest list small.

    you do not save money by not having people come to the wedding. you save money by keeping your guest list for the reception party down. that is where you will spend the majority of your money. the cost of the wedding officiant varies depending upon where you are, but most places have officiants who will marry you for around 100 to 200 dollars.

    the first place to start though is with your location. find the place first and then go for the food and drink. after that everything else.

  5. Suz123 says:

    How about an intimate wedding at home? It could be either your home or a family member’s home. Cost for venue = free. Ask an officiant to come to the home (you will of course pay your officiant).

    This site may be helpful:

    Ways to save money?

    1. Cut the guest list. Keeping the guest list small is the fastest way to cut the budget.

    2. Consider a morning wedding with a brunch reception. Brunch receptions are usually less expensive. See menu ideas here:
    See DIY breakfast casseroles here:
    Have the wedding at a non-meal time, say 2 pm. Serve cake and punch immediately following the ceremony. If having the wedding at a non-meal time, one does not need to serve a whole meal.

    3. Flowers? Consider inexpensive silks.
    Decorate with greenery. Do friends and relatives have green plants you can borrow? Decorate with greenery, and order only bouquets from the florist.

    4. Bride have only one attendant and groom have only one attendant. Saves on the budget for both flowers and attendants’ gifts.

    Many folks at the Offbeat Bride site are also having budget weddings. You may find that site helpful:

  6. Katie says:

    yep ๐Ÿ™‚ Mine is around $700 for everything right now, including my dress( the one I’m looking at is $99 at davids bridal). It is a total DIY low keep casual wedding with about 50-80 guests( havent sent out rsvp yet so not sure on that).

    Besides a budget, the next thing is a venue. I’m getting married at park/valley, so its free, and same goes for the reception because it is at my church hall.

  7. Avis B says:

    This REAL wedding cost $100 (that’s one hundred dollars).

    This Bride and Groom could have had any type of wedding that they wanted but they chose to have something “short and simple.” The Bride and Groom rented a gazebo for four hours in a community park on a spring Saturday morning just as the trees and flowers were coming into bloom. The Bride did not wear a gown and the Groom did not wear a tuxedo. There was no Maid of Honor or Best Man. Two of the invited guests were the couple’s witnesses. Over one hundred guests watched from the outside of the gazebo as the Bride and Groom stated their vows on the inside of the gazebo. When the fifteen minute ceremony was over the Bride and Groom got in their car and drove away. There was no reception. This wedding cost $100 (a Marriage License and the gazebo rental).

    So, decide what is important and plan your wedding with those priorities in mind.

    Answered by: A Certified wedding specialist / A Professional bridal consultant / A Wedding ceremony officiant

  8. Bliss says:

    This is where talented friends come in handy! If you know someone who could take pictures or bake your cake or DJ it’d help out A LOT. As for a dress, you could always find a used dress for cheap or like you said the $99 sale at David’s Bridal. As for a tux a lot of places around here will give the groom a free tux rental with a certain number of groomsmen rentals. If you don’t want to wait and save for the wedding you could get simple rings for now and then later replace them, if you’d even want to replace them that’s up to you. My ring is very simple and I love it. It really depends on the person. I’m sure you could find a local restaurant who’d cater for a lower price, if not you could always do a simple cookout. I had a friend who got married at a beautiful lake and her dad and father in law grilled up meat and her mom and mother in law made side dishes. It would have turned out great…if the lake wouldn’t have been 45 minutes from the nearest store and they wouldn’t have forgot the charcoal lol. You can buy silk flowers and tie them together and make your own bouquets even invites you can buy for pretty cheap at hobby lobby or even staples and just print them out yourself. There are ways of doing this, it won’t turn out to be a grand ballroom type of wedding with 200+ guests, but it can be done and still look nice. First thing you need to do is go through a guest list (try to keep it as small as you can) then figure out the food after that see what’s left of the budget for everything else.

  9. pinkdove89 says:

    humm it is possible but you gotta look at bargains places for everything from the dress and suit or look to rent and look for sale in the rings…u can find a beautiful ring from 50 to 100 but for the actual maybe you could an intimate ceremony in your home with just close friends and family… with the wedding and party in the same place! it is absolutely doable!

  10. Patty says:

    of course it is possible. just depends on how you go about it and what your preferences are.ask your friends that got married and how much it was.
    ask yourselves these questions.. is it important to impress friends and family with wedding and party,do we want to be married in a church or is justice of the peace ok,do i want to wear a gown, do we want to go on a honeymoon, where will we live when married, does our financial situation after the wedding support us?
    oh my gosh. if you want a minister to marry you ask them if they would perform in their office in the church. also if you choose to be married other than a church if the would do it there. usually most will and at no charge but it is the right thing to do by giving them something for it.
    my suggestion is to keep the ceremony small and private. send invitations announcing your marriage and celebrae at your house afterwards or anytime.serve snacks and pop. you can still register for gifts.
    as for your rings, just buy bands, you can always get nicer later.

  11. sarah says:

    : โ€œAnd thus ended the grand wedding from which I am half dead with fatigue and what is worse all this rout has been made to tie two people together, who I believe, heartily hate one another.”

    Do you love him? Do you like him? Do you trust him? If the answer is Yes, 1000 dollars is more than enough. If the answer is No,……

  12. Aussie_MaMa says:

    You may be able to pull that off but you will need allot of bargain hunting and help from family and friends. I am planning a wedding atm too, and my dress is twice as much as your whole wedding budget which is scary but things cost allot to do with weddings. Maybe try finding a second hand dress and second hand rings ect.

    goodluck but i think you may find yourself going way over budget there is allot to consider in a wedding, you dont even realise until you start planning

  13. The Original GarnetGlitter says:

    Very small guest list and a cake & punch reception just for the wedding attendees at someone’s home or the church’s meeting room.

  14. Because I Said So says:

    I don’t think it can be done. rings can cost half that much, and so can a cake. your best bet is to elope, you could have a real nice 3 day weekend in vegas and you don’t have to have a cheesy wedding there. don’t stretch yourself to have what you think is a great wedding, because you don’t want to start off your marriage with money arguments!

  15. peytonomatic3 says:

    I am aspiring to be a wedding planner, it is possible it may not be really great (if the rings were taken out of the equation it’ll really help) but i always saw myself in a white dress ment for bridesmaids, still beautiful and fit for a wedding but much less expensive if your ok with somthing less huge. But it can be done and if you choose an ouside wedding it may be a little less expensive, but the reception is somthing completely different. In order to do it all and the reception youll probably need a tad bit more, not by much though. And for what your speaking of with the simple wedding It can all be done in that budget so I hope I was of some assistance.

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