Outdoor weddings: how do you make them less miserable?

May 13th, 2011

I really want an outdoor wedding because I think they look beautiful but I must admit at every outside wedding I’ve been to I hated it because it was too hot and their was also mosquitos feasting on my legs. The one where I was a bridesmaid at was the most miserable because the sun was in my face and I was standing there sweating in my dress. I want one but I don’t want me or my guests to be miserable is there a way to make it less miserable. Keep in mind that I live in NC and I’m planning on marrying in July.

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  1. DigitalDiva says:

    There’s not a lot you can do to change the weather conditions or bug situation. The only thing you can do is plan around it. This is why my fiance and I chose a time and date that was not too hot and not too cold, and less likely to rain than other months (June). We are marrying in the afternoon so there shouldn’t be a lot of bugs. Our reception is indoors, and we have a backup location in case of rain during the ceremony. As for the sun shining in your eyes, the best thing to do to prevent that is to go to the ceremony site beforehand at the same time of day as the wedding and see which direction the sun is facing. Then plan around that for where you will stand during the wedding. Keep in mind you don’t want the sun shining in your guests eyes either.

  2. Rachel-waiting for 11/21/09 says:

    I think it all really depends on location and the timing of the ceremony. If you have a very well shaded area (like a park with LOTS of trees) it will definitely be cooler for your guests to sit through the ceremony.

    Try to keep the ceremony short and sweet so if it is hot and sunny guests aren’t out there for too long, and maybe have the ceremony later in the day (after 4 or 5 pm) so that the mid-day heat has passed a bit.

    Citronella candles can add ambiance and mosquito protection, and having coolers with bottled water for guests as they are being seated is a nice gesture to help battle any extreme heat issues.

    Best Wishes!

  3. Good♄Gyrl says:

    The key is making sure that you have it at the right time of year, and to keep guests as comfortable as possible.

    Decide when the best season to have an outdoor wedding will be for your area. You can check almanacs and historical weather post-casts. Weather.com has a weather averages page which tells you the average hi/lo for a certain area, as well about average rainfall. That way you don’t pick a week or part of the year where is’t 85 degrees and your guests are baking under the sun.

    Keep beverages plentiful – it helps cool guests off and helps with hydration. Buckets of bottled water at the site entrance or prettied up around the seating area as guests wait to be seated is nice. Fans are always an option.

    Make sure that the venue treats their outdoor site. That means, they’ve sprayed or done whatever they need to do to keep bugs and pests at a minimum. A venue with many outdoor receptions should do this, but I’ve had some experiences that you had and it looks that not all of them do.

    If it’s going to be exceptionally hot in your area in July, I’d also suggest fans and placing the seating in a shaded part of the venue, if possible. Definitely make sure you have a tent. They’re costly but worth it.

  4. b2b in 49 days says:

    my wedding is also outside, one thing you can do is put fans (oriental trading has cute ones) out for the guest, and make sure there is shade, and hope that is it not to hot out, and maybe instead of a “gown” you can get a long or tea length dress, or something of lighter material, or even sun dresses for the bridesmaids,

  5. kcorradins says:

    make sure the ceremony is in the shade, provide fans (they can double as your programs) and a cold bottle of water for the guests.
    for the reception, have a tent (for shade again) and put tiki lights (the kind that are tall and stick in the ground) all around the tent…it would look really cool once the sun goes down. Also, provide bug spray…i was at an outdoor wedding and they covered the bottles with their wedding monogram, so it looked nicer than the typical bug spray can. i think they used sticky paper and just printed it off on their computer…really cute!

    good luck!!!

  6. woahinkian says:

    You might set out some baskets for the guests with little bottles of bug repellent creme and little bottles of sunblock/moisturizer. I’d look for brands that had less scent or at least a less offensive scent. You could have some little fans and some cheap sunglasses too.

    I’d do a morning ceremony. In my experience, bugs are more prevalent in the late afternoon to nightfall. After dark, they are attracted to light. Wind starts becoming a problem in the afternoon as well. So, all in all, in the summer, mornings are the most pleasant time to be outdoors.

  7. sunflower16 says:

    It’s simple: pick a non-miserable time of the year.

    July is one of the hottest months of the year….probably not the best idea. My wedding was outdoors last October in Ga and it was perfect weather. The only thing was it was a little windy, but the temperature was ideal and there were no bugs. If you choose the springtime, you have to take allergies into consideration because of the pollen, and bugs are out more in the spring/summer months. Check the farmer’s almanac for NC and find a time that is not typically rainy or too hot/cold.

    Other than that, just make sure your guests’ seats are not facing the sun and spray for bugs a week prior, if necessary.

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