Ordering a wedding dress online?

July 4th, 2011

I’m planning my wedding for September 3, 2011 so that means i have about 2months to look for a dress, and i’ve tried on a few dresses at shops in town but there is nothing in the price range that i want to pay but i have found a few with good prices online, i’m looking for a good website to order a wedding dress from, please tell me any of your experiences with this

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  1. Ash says:

    I know this isnt what you want to hear, but searching for a wedding dress is really just one of those things you have to do in store. You just cant tell how the dress is going to look on YOU and feel on you without trying it on. If its impossible for you to do so, ebay is the way to go. They have custom made dresses that look like the ones designers make, for really cheap prices. Keep in mnd though, that the fabrics they my use will not be of the quality of a 4000 dollar dress if youre paying 400 for it.

  2. Lili says:

    Well, this is something I wouldn’t do, especially since you are cutting things so close. If the dress doesn’t work, you’ll have to find another. If you have alterations done and it STILL doesn’t work, you’ll be in even more difficulties. It’s so hard to know how anything you order online will work. I’m a pretty stock-standard size, but even I occasionally have problems with something I order, and no one can be absolutely certain how a given style will look, even if the size is right.

    However, because you have too little time to do the usual six-months-in-advance ordering at a bridal salon, I’ll tell you that a couple of friends of mine have had good luck with the J Crew wedding offerings. They have both very expensive and very reasonably-priced dresses, in a variety of styles. They ordered bridesmaid dresses from J Crew, too.

    On the site below, click on “Women,” then on “Weddings and Parties,” and then on “Bride”. Look at all the dresses: they don’t just have the reasonably-priced dresses at the top. They are scattered throughout.

    Another possibility would be to look for a dress at a non-bridal shop. That’s how my sister-in-law found her dress, when she she was under the gun to find one. She went to the evening-wear section of a good department store and found exactly the right dress. It was a gorgeous, simple, sophisticated, ivory and gold dress, and she paid a lot less for it than she would have paid in a bridal salon.

  3. Margareeta says:

    try David’s Bridal it has nice and some designers like Vera Wang

  4. Shannon says:

    I really, really do not recommend buying your wedding dress online 2 months before the wedding. It could take a while to get to you, and when you do get it it might not fit, or it might need alterations, which you may not have time to get done. It might not even show up in time at all (God forbid)

    If you’re looking for inexpensive, David’s Bridal is the way to go. That way you can try on your dress in store and have alterations done right away. You can also try Craigslist to see if anyone is selling their wedding dress in your area, or eBay, since most sellers tend to send their stuff quickly on there.

    Good luck!

  5. SugarCat says:

    If you’ve found a wedding dress online that is significantly cheaper than one in a shop, chances are it’s from China. That’s a HUGE red flag. Avoid those Chinese dress factories at all costs because they’ll only take your money.

    If you’re lucky enough to actually receive your dress before your wedding, and many brides don’t, you’ll find that is looks nothing like the picture and is made of the cheapest polyester.

    Buy a dress in a store unless the website is a reputable American company like J.Crew or Ann Taylor.

  6. Perse says:

    I had an excellent experience ordering from lightinthebox.com

    Just read reviews and understand the risk you are taking by ordering online.

    It really is preferable to shop for a dress in person, but when “the one” just isn’t out there or at least not in your price range, it could be on the Internet.

  7. Because I Said So says:

    You actually don’t have 2 mos, you have zero months. Sometimes alterations can take 60 days so you don’t have time to buy a gown online and wait for it to be shipped only to find it’s wrong or you don’t like it and can’t return it. You should restrict your search to local shops, dept stores, consignment stores etc so you can buy something off the rack ASAP and bring it to a seamstress. Any gown you buy will need alterations most likely, either in the bodice or at the least you’ll have to have the hem done once you choose your shoes (heel height). My gown took 4 mos to have altered because the owner of the shop was a dolt, so make sure you find someone who can rush the work for you and do it right the first time.

  8. LG says:

    it’s very close to the day, but i have order two dresses from one online store, that has the most amazing dresses.

    They seem to replicate popular dresses by designers(but dont list by designers)

    The company is based in singapore/china (i forget) but my two dealings with them have been fine. The last dress i purchased in May, came within 4 weeks and looked exactly as the picture did. I ordered the wrong size at first and contacted them to amend my order. they came back to me within 24 hours and were very helpful. I’m not getting married but my dress is amazing and went on sale,

    The store is called aphrobridal

    or you can try Edress.it where i purchased 5 bridesmaid dresses for last year for my aunts wedding.


  9. Terry Vae says:

    our website is your best choice.


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  10. Meio Hi says:

    some provide cheap dresses at cheap price while some offer good-quality dresses. That’s up to the company you choose.mine was from chadmart ,great experience ,
    If you want to purchase goods from china you should choose a reliable website.

  11. Ally says:

    Check out this thread

    For ANYONE who is thinking about buying a dress online:


    It was full of information and expreiences, plus pictures of the finished articles posted by brides that took the online plunge.

    I did, whilst I thought I’d done all my homework, tried on the actual gown in a bridal boutique and then ordered it from China, the results were very disappointing.
    I ended up going to another Bridal shop and getting a bargain, a $4000 retail San Patrick gown for $1900 including alterations.

    I was adamant in the first instance that I would not spend thousands on a gown (baring in mind I live in Australia and the same $2000 gown can be bought in the US for $1000 – $1300, or approx $3000 if I’d paid full price).
    But after 2 online dresses and $500 later, I was left feeling very bitter.

    Some dresses come out very nice, but only the simple styled ones… If you want ruching, beading or any type of complexity, just suck it up and buy retail straight off.

  12. Bedy says:

    First, congratulation to you.Yes, now the wedding dresses at the shop are really expensive, while the same products online will cost you less. Maybe you can consider to pick up a wedding dress through the Interent. I’d just come across a website which sell the brand Jennys Princess mainly, the site is 36l.com, and the price is competitive. Good luck to you.

  13. regantiff says:

    I’ve ordered from TJ Formal and would recommend them. Here are their wedding dresses: http://www.tjformal.com/ShopBy.aspx?infield=Filter11:Wedding%20Dress&sb_id=7&d_id=56476&it_id=1&key=

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