Opinions on wedding gowns please, pics included.?

January 11th, 2011

I plan on getting married in a year or so and have found several gowns online that I fell in love with.Now take into consideration I will be a third time bride, and am fifty now. I have always dreamed about getting married in a pink gown, but found some other gorgeous gowns in ivory as well.I am almost five seven in height and have a slender built at127 lbs.I don’t plan on wearing a veil, as I did that before, but maybe just a small tiara or a small pearled crown.
Also this will be an outdoor wedding in the summer months, I chose these particular gowns because they weren’t too fluffy, ruffly and had too long a train for an outdoor wedding.
I will include a photo of me, but I will wear my hair up in loose curls, not as you see it in my photo. all opinions of which would look best on me would be appreciated.
This is me, I’ fifty
And here is me wearing my favorite color pink with my hair pulled back.This will give you some idea of how pink looks on me.

The pink gown

The Gwenivere ivory gown

The Vera Ivory gown
This one is a replica of the top one except it is a halter style.

This one is Called the Rita
the pink crayola ,it is a pretty gown hun, the only bad part is that Uhm, I’m pretty small on top and would have nothing to hold that strapless dress up with ,lol. Thats kinds why I shy away from strapless clothes,I am self conscious about being small breasted in the first place.
I am giving everybody a thumbs up here people, just for taking the time to stop by and help me out, love ya 🙂
BTW, LOL, I’m not trying to be like Liz Taylor,LMAO!!! I was married at 19, had my first son at 21 the second at 23, that lasted 6 years because my ex hubby was a real loser of a cheater, I remarried several years later, to a wonderful man who ended up dying on me from cancer, he was 41 years old, when he passed, we’d still be together if it weren;t for his passing. I never thought it would ever happen again in my lifetime, I met a man, whom I had known for years, we fell in love, and have been together for 8 years now, a soul mate, I want to make this wedding a special one, one that when he sees me walk down the aisle, he will be pleasantly surprised.And then go “WOW!!!”LOL!!
lunaticked, you are a trip,lol!! Thanks hun, for the compliment and its weird, and your like one of the few people who said the exact same thing about Judith Light,I guess we all have a kinda look alike somewhere out there in the world,lol!! it would sure be nice if I had her talent and money too,LMAO!!!

24 Responses to “Opinions on wedding gowns please, pics included.?”

  1. Amanda M says:

    I personally like the Rita out of all of them.

    The first two pictures didn’t work for me…I’m not sure why?

  2. Firefly says:

    I vote 2 or 3, maybe 4…

    the pink one is bad… it looks like a Disney Princess dress for a 15 year old girl…

    the other dresses are very nice though

  3. Sweet Me says:

    I personally like the Rita=)

  4. chocolatelover<3 says:

    the gwenivere ivory gown.

  5. Zelda says:

    You know you want the pink one.

    Do it. Hopefully this is the last time you will ever get married, so if you don’t wear that pink wedding dress you always dreamed of now, when will you ever wear it?

  6. Alanaa says:

    The Rita one is soo pretty!!!
    you should deff get this one.


  7. Mrs. Holly 2010 says:

    i really like the last 3 the pink one looks too youthful like a high school prom dress or a quincinera dress. I think the 2nd and 3rd are my favorite and the appropriate. Personally though i think that something like this would be better for your situation





    i love the last one

  8. hunterlova says:

    Definitely the Rita.

    The pink one looks a little prom-ish.

  9. runningmeg82 says:

    I think you’d look most beautiful in the rita.

  10. hi says:

    um try somehting a little more simpler becuase it has too much embelishment. if you have a simple elegant dress you can really get fancy with your hair and jewelry her e look at this one.


  11. blondie says:

    love them all except for the pink one it just looks kinda cheap and princess but if that is your dream then do it.

  12. the pink crayola says:

    you know what wedding dress design would look gorgeous?….
    a long flowing, plain ivory one with a a big bow tied around your waist and the bow of the ribbon tied to your front side or back…your favorite shade of pink would be lovely color for the bow

  13. Katie says:

    they all look great. i like 4 the best but for outside summer wedding i love 2 and 3. good luck 🙂

  14. Q-t pie says:

    I like the rita one. it has a lot of attention to detail which is wonderful on a wedding dress. You could also look and see if you can find a similar or even the same dress in pink since you said u liked that color. Hope this helped!!!

  15. Jenny says:

    I love the first ivory one ( Gwenivere..)… dont do pink one…..!

  16. rachel_0094 says:

    oh my… they’re all sooo pretty but i wouldnt reccomend the pink one. but if that whats you really want then thats more important. i just dont think that that would look all that great with your skin tone and all. no offence but in the pic with you in your pink coat. it just makes you look pink all over… i just loooove the Rita tho!!!! best wishes 🙂

  17. girlieQ says:

    the last 3 are my favs.i don’t like the waist look on the pink 1.it kinda looks 90’ish.4 u,i would pick the Gwenivere ivory grown.good luck.

  18. CarlisleGirl says:

    I prefer the Rita among those, but I find the train a bit much for a third wedding.

    So I looked through that entire website, and I have a suggestion for your consideration. Maybe this is just TOO strange, but since it isn’t your first marriage and you are open to another color (I wore a pale shell pink for my second wedding, too), would you consider one of the pretty bridesmaid dresses? There is a style, 5328, that is a very sophisticated cut, comes in a pale color, although not pink, that I was thinking would look great on you.

    When I married, I looked and looked, and most wedding dresses were way too girly for me — I was 45 — and I ended up with a high quality party dress. I felt wonderful on my special day and not at all like a bridesmaid. My best friend was standing up with me, and she also wore a unique dress. My husband’s daughter was with us too, and she was 11 and tall — also in a “big girl” dress. We were smashing!

    Good luck. It’s nice that you have time. Anyway, of the ones you picked, the interesting back on Vera is gorgeous. Then I like the halter profile. But I still think some of those bridesmaid dresses are actually better designs. Or just look in the mall at great party dresses.

    By the way, all their strapless dresses come with spaghetti straps.

    And one last note, here is a link to another cool dress, from the David’s site, which you should probably explore, too.

  19. LiLsWtazNgUrL4o8 says:

    The pink dress looks more like a prom dress….i would definitely get the rita dress..I love that dress

  20. lunaticked says:

    You are beautiful! You look just like Judith Light from
    Who’s the Boss!

    I personally like the Guinevere gown because it’s one that I am looking at for my wedding that will be in Key West. I detest the shiny pink one. Good Luck to you!

  21. Kate D says:

    My favorite gown is the pink one from http://www.keepmeinstitches.biz. Best of luck!

  22. angeldust_599 says:

    I love the Gwenivere dress. Its gorgeous and very age appropriate. I could really see you wearing that one on your wedding day and looking fab! I also wanted to say congrats and you look great for your age! Your going to make a gorgeous bride.

  23. MissKnowItAll says:

    Oh My Goodness – I almost thought I was looking at Judith Light…

    I do like the 2nd and 4th ones.

    The pink one is very young, more like a young bridesmaid would wear. The others are all so classy and elegant. Maybe something in a softer pink more along the lines of http://www.myonlineweddinghelp.com/bride/bridal_gowns/pink-wedding-dresses/Amelie-Bridal-Wedding-Dress-Style-6344.htm


    Whichever you choose, it will be beautiful. Congratulations.

  24. bridetobe says:

    The Gwenivere is my vote! As someone who is also small chested (32B) – the halters made me look even smaller than I was (although I originally thought it would make me look bigger); so from my personal experience I’d go w/ regular straps. I love the romantic look of this dress! Esp for an outdoor wedding. I actually found a strapless one w/ a built in corset which is enough to hold the dress up – ha! Since pink looks so great on you; if you have any maids – you could put them in pink instead; and it’ll compliment you perfectly. And/or find a great pink dress to leave the reception in. I agree the first dress option looks like Disney princess; maybe it’s because the model looks like she’s 15.

    Congratulations on finding your soul mate – that’s wonderful! Good Luck on the gown shopping!!

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