NEW!!!!!!! Welcome to Your Wedding!

May 25th, 2011 – Hi I’m Allan Burnett and I want to thank you for joining me on Your Wedding This may be the first time you have ever looked at it, if it is you could be looking at this in 2015, well I want to tell you right now you are looking at the very first video blog on Your Wedding Now let me tell you what you can expect to find if you check in tomorrow, next week, next month, years from now. Your Wedding, did you catch that? It’s not MY Wedding, I was married years ago and I’m planning on staying that way for life! It’s not MY Wedding, it’s not THE Wedding, some impersonal site that isn’t going to be helpful. It’s YOUR Wedding See we’re here to help you with the details that you may never have thought of in planning your wedding day. You know what, our prayer is that your wedding is everything you have dreamed and planned that it would be, we are just here. We are going to do some interviews in the years to come with experts in the wedding industry. We are going to talk about what’s hot and what’s not in weddings this season. We’ll talk about colours, we’ll talk about decor, we’ll talk about how to plan a ceremony, we’ll talk about music, just everything and anything that has to do with weddings. Now secondly, it’s Your Wedding Let me tell you a little about the HUB part. If you look at a bicycle wheel, in the very center of it you’ve got very small little part and all of the spokes, all of the

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