Need many answersplease!Pregnant?Was on pill,went off,unprotected sex,emerg contraception,more unprotected sex

January 4th, 2011

Ok so my story is a little interesting. I have a 7 month old son and I really was not trying to have a baby per say even though I do want another one soon. Well my last period was July 23. I stopped taking the pill July 26 because we did not have enough money at that particular time because we had a wedding to go to. Later that week, my hubby got hurt at work and has been taking it easy and our funds even depleted more. So of course I did not pick up my pills. We had unprotected sex 3 times last week. The third time which would have been day 8 (July 30) in the cycle, i took emergency contraception 2 days later on August 1. Well, on sunday we went to a family reunion and I saw at least two pregnant women and both my husband and I were thinking lets have another. We had unprotected sex tueday August 6. I have no idea when i ovulated or if it will be different since i just came off the pill recently. I had this crampy feeling Monday August 4, and last night Wed August 6 i had a very light spot of pinkish/light brown blood (is this implantation?) and also this morning too August 7 (a little more crampineas). Do you think it has to do with getting off the pill, emergency contraception, or is it most likely I am pregnant? When should I take a test? And can ovulation and implantation happen really close together?
wow some people are SO RUDE! as if you know my life story and not that its anyones business really but my husband makes good money and will be going back to work next wee. we just hit a rough patch. and hello im trying to conceive now…i wasnt when i wanted to pick up my pills, i had an emergency contraception kit at home. we hate condoms but we were gonnna use them when we had enough money to get my pills. but like you say diapers/formula/food and other bills are more important than pills. I just didnt think it was fair to ask someone for money for my pills nor do i really have friends like that and most of the time we have a lot of money. and plus i have come to the conclusion that i do want to have 2 children close together

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  1. MissingInAction says:

    You should not have kids you can’t afford. That’s what I think.

  2. karalovesshaun says:

    i sorry but if you can even afford the $30 that the pills coast you should not have another kid any time soon till you get a way to make more money

  3. MK says:

    Omg, call your doctor already, why keep putting yourself through this stress. It’s also a bad idea to just go off the pill without talking to your doctor first. Call them & let them know what’s going on.

  4. BabeHeart says:

    Try posting in the Pregnancy category as there will be more people there who will have knowledge of that potential situation. It’s my understanding the Plan B may throw off your period so the bleeding might be from that, but I’m no expert as I’ve never used Plan B, nor ever been pregnant.

  5. Soon To Be Mrs.Mora says:

    What does this have to do with marriage and divorce? Post this in the pregnancy section.

  6. Belinda28 says:

    You seem really unsure if you want another baby. You took emergency contraceptive one day, then the next decided you want to be pregnant? I think you are confused. You should think about this for a while.

    Regarding if you are prego right now or not, no way to tell. Usually when you go off the pill it takes a while for your body to regulate its self, so I would guess you might not be. But then many people (like me!) have gotten prego while taking the pill (properly), so …. who knows.

  7. fred says:

    TMI – doesn’t anyone have a sense of reserve anymore?

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