Need help with Wedding Reception music arrangements?!?!?

July 8th, 2011

We are planning and trying to calculate wedding reception costs. We are on a limited budget since we will most likely be paying for all the expenses ourselves. Would it be cheaper to skip out on a DJ and get together a play list ourselves that we can burn to a CD or an I-pod? What all equipment (for the music) will we have to rent or buy in order to do this ourselves? We are open to any ideas!

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  1. Nikki says:

    An ipod is an excellent source of music if you want to do it yourself. Most home stereos, if of good quality and wattage can be used with an ipod simply by purchasing an auxillary cord at a store. Problem is wo dj who does the announcing of the bridal party, the family, the different events of the reception such as first dance, cutting of cake and such. Unless you have a friend that you trust

  2. Dee <3 says:

    I understand budget, believe me, my budget is tight, but skipping out on a dj and using your own ipod or whatever is not a good idea. Besides just providing music, DJs also entertain the guests by providing humor and sometimes little newlywed games. They announce the entrance of the bridal party,dinner,and all of the wedding traditions like cutting the cake,tossing the boquet and taking off the garter. Without that you would be missing out on someone to announce everything, as well as lights for the dancefloor. You would be very disappointed by the end of the night. My cousin did this, and no one wanted to dance because there was no life or energy on the dance floor.

  3. Ryan says:

    I think it’s an excellent idea. It’s you wedding and your music would just make if better to you, I would think. Plus, you would inks why your friends and family like more than anyone else.

    Please answer mine;_ylt=ArVxVyYYLrRA49s7DcbWehiERSE5;_ylv=3?qid=20110626184617AAoREfu

  4. Halo Mom says:

    Music at the reception can make or break the reception

    Putting music together for a reception so it works is not easy

    A really good DJ is worth the money

    I was on a tight budget, my wedding and veil was 300 dollars, but we did pay for a good DJ

    Unless you know how to do music for an reception, I would paid for a good dj
    I would cut some where else

  5. Baruch says:

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