Need advice from someone with good eye for decor – pics inside. Wedding ceremony?

May 11th, 2011

I’m planning my wedding around the venue (here is a pic: ) That little black figure huddling next to the pillar trying to keep warm is me (lol! it was sooo cold) but that is where we will be standing. The minister will be between 2 pillars, and family/friends will be seated on the green to the Left of the pic. Anyways, I’m trying to think of how to decorate the area for the ceremony, but I can’t think of anything! Its pretty as-is, and when spring hits the area is surrounded by yellow and purple flowers – but I don’t know! I really need advice from someone who ISNT friend or family.. a fresh perspective. I really want that WOW factor for my guests, but I don’t want to break my fiance’s wallet either.

Thanks all. Any ideas at all would be great!

3 Responses to “Need advice from someone with good eye for decor – pics inside. Wedding ceremony?”

  1. fizzy stuff says:

    You could sprinkle rose petals on the concrete area and the aisle youll walk down. Other than that, I wouldnt do anything: those pillars are so big and so great, it is really hard to decorate around them. I think its a cool space, and like I said I would only sprinkle rose petals on the ground for a flash of color.

  2. Mackenzie says:

    You could go with silk vines/grape vines wrapped around the pillars… I don’t know, the pillars have me thinking greco-roman.

    I think I would get some large grapevine wreaths and spray-paint them white, then hot glue on some fresh silk vines w/little yellow flowers and maybe a cluster of wax grapes here and there dripping from them, hang one on each pillar (at about the height of the 2nd tier), then get some light white fabric tulle and drape it through the center loops of the vines, so it kind of scallops/drapes between the pillars, to kind of unify them all… it’ll create a strong focal point, kind of like one of those nice tents but without covering you. It’ll add a little grandure without taking away from that old-world feel of the pillars~ just a little decoration for them. And the little yellow flowers & purple grapes will tie in with the surroundings…

    Best of all if you have someone crafty in the family you can probably make it all yourself for really, really cheap, as grapevine wreaths are only a few dollars, tulle is about $1.50 per yard, and spray paint and silk flowers are cheap.

    Lots of luck, it is a beautiful spot.

  3. seamstress says:

    i think you should be facing your groom in front of the two largest pillars and your minister between the two pillars like you suggested.

    I would go and get sheer fabric, about ten yards of it. Swag the fabric between just those two large pillars, high above where you will be standing, but low enough so it will be captured in the photos. Take the fabric and tie ti to the pillars so it swags between the two and then has long “tails” billowing down. It will look really dreamy. You can also add a floral garland to the swag or perhaps flowers to the area where the swag meets the pillars. You may want to sew pretty crystal type trim to the bottom of the tails so it catches the light.

    I just think that sheer fabric will really set off and soften the architecture and define the area somewhat like an arch or arbor you see in some wedding ceremonies. You may also want to use a similar set of swags to decorate the backs of the last row of chairs. This look will be awesome in the photographs taken of your ceremony from a distance.

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