my sister’s marrying a UK citizen, and needs to know what to do for his green card. can you help?

November 3rd, 2010

their wedding is schedule for september of this year, in the state of arizona. she’s currently residing in england on a tourist visa. they plan to be married in arizona, but have questions about what needs to be done to ensure that he can stay here legally, and work legally.

the federal government’s websites are next to useless and offer little to no useful information about fiance visas, and she’s read conflicting information about residency permission.

basically, would her fiance be allowed to stay/work legally in the USA as her husband, whilst applying for more visas/EADs/citizenship?

2 Responses to “my sister’s marrying a UK citizen, and needs to know what to do for his green card. can you help?”

  1. terrance J says:

    try the immigration and naturalization administration I.N.S. go on line first then call calling u will wait trust me for a long time good luck

  2. Sam F says:

    The INS no longer exists…Good Answer slick!

    You sister needs to get on the ball soon!! She is almost ouside the window, she needs to apply for a K-1 visa for her future spouse. The K-1 will give her 90 days to get married, after she is married she will file for a CR-1, the CR-1 is a conditional resident (Spouse of a USC). There is a 2 year conditional period that they must remain married. Within 60 days of the 2 year anniversary she MUST apply to have the conditional status removed, failure to do so will make the UK citizen deportable!! Once the conditional status is removed her spouse will become a IR-1 and subject to all 237 Deportability charges until he becomes a Naturalized USC (if applicable).

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