My sister is engaged and I’m afraid she won’t want me to do any shopping with her or be involved at all…?

May 4th, 2011

We get along just fine but she wants a small wedding and chose our other sister to be maid of honor and won’t have anyone else in her bridal party. I love weddings, and planning, and being involved with these big events but when our sister got married I wasn’t involved at all and I’m afraid its going to happen again. I realize it is her day so its not about making me happy but I can’t help but feel upset if I won’t be involved in such an awesome time in her life.

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  1. Benjamin says:

    Look, this is most likely the most important time of her life. It’s understandable that she won’t care about this stuff. But, if you ask her to get involved, I don’t see why she would say no. Give her your opinions on decisions that she makes for the wedding, and show her that you really care. Then she’ll appreciate your effort and eventually let you truly help her. Don’t worry, I’m sure that you’ll be fine. Good luck though!

  2. SugarCat says:

    Since the two of you get along “just fine” then there is no reason she wouldn’t want your help. Just ask her! Tell her you really want to help her and she’ll probably be glad to let you help.

  3. d. daens says:

    It is HER wedding not yours.

  4. Tiffany says:

    Don’t create any drama. Just be a charming guest and be grateful that you don’t have to do any planning or running around. Sometimes we just aren’t as special as we want to be. When it is your wedding, you can plan with whomever you want and no one should feel bad.

  5. BloopieBlooper says:

    Have you tried talking to her? Maybe you can tell her you understand that you are not the MOH but you are really excited about her wedding and wanted to knoe if you can tag along on some of the planning, or watch her try on dresses. Remember to support her ideas not try to impose your own and she will be more likely to want you around.

  6. Jenx says:

    Seeing as you get along just fine, ask her what you can do to help her make her day even better! Anything such as favours and invitations can be done by you, just ask her.

  7. Karma Police says:

    It would be nice for you to be maid of honor for once. It’s okay to be upset. I would be too. I can understand wanting to have a small, affordable wedding, but to cut you out of the wedding party is wrong.

  8. truefirstedition says:

    It’s not all about you. This is her wedding and she can involve you in the planning or not, whichever she prefers. Some people like planning their own events and don’t want help. Simply say, “I’m so excited for your wedding – please let me know if there’s anything I can do, I’m happy to help.” Then let her come to you if she wants a hand with anything.

    When you get married, you can have all the fun planning that you want.

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