My sister booked her wedding hall and has a wedding date but didn’t tell anyone in the family?

May 13th, 2011

My sister booked her wedding hall and has a wedding date but didn’t tell anyone in the family,she wants it to be a “surprise”. My other sister over heard her booking the hall and thats how everyone found out..what should I do? I thought hey if she doesn’t want anyone to know then thats her problem but thats her special day and we should celebrate it with her. I called her and told her hey so when do you plan on having your wedding, i need to plan ahead so I can book a ticket she said oh I’m not sure. so help how should I solve this and how should I approach her about the situation?
her in-laws know about the wedding but not her family.

6 Responses to “My sister booked her wedding hall and has a wedding date but didn’t tell anyone in the family?”

  1. listentocommonsense says:

    You sister, wants it to be a secret. Why not let her have it. (or at least thinks she had it)

  2. Anna B says:

    wait until u get your invite

  3. BlueFaith25 says:

    Well there seems to be a lot going on here. You stated in the first sentence that she wants it to be a surprise, so if that’s the case, most likely you’re not going to find out until she’s ready to let others in her her surprise. It really depends how far in advance she’s planning her wedding, if this is an event that she’s planning for next year then maybe she’s not ready. It’s also possible that she may not be sure where or when she’s having it, sometimes people book more than one place in advance just to hold a spot in case something else doesn’t work out. So, it’s possible that even though your sister overheard her booking the hall that maybe she may not be set on that place or date therefore not really to release details. Most people try to get some of their details together and then inform the family.

  4. I LOVE MY BOYS says:

    1. Let her know you know and ask why isnt she telling anyone? Dont get angry at her im sure there is good behind her decision

    2. Tell her your other sister over heard her planning and booking everything. Ask her out right. Tell her you’ll keep her little secret just tell you what is going on.

    Good luck.

  5. Perse says:

    Take one opportunity to tell your sister what a bad idea this is, then if she insists, drop it

  6. Angela says:

    Have you thought she might me wanting to arrange it all so she can have what her and her fiance want and then tell you all without everyone interfering with her plans? that’s what I did – took 90% of the stress out of it!

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