My Korean bride has started demanding that she be allowed to wear clothes in the house. What should I do?

June 30th, 2011

I made it very clear in my e-mails to her that if I was going to do her a favor by bringing her over her and marrying her, part of the deal was she had to be in the buff at all times. I do let her get dressed before she goes outside the house, as long as what she wears is sexy enough to suit me.

13 Responses to “My Korean bride has started demanding that she be allowed to wear clothes in the house. What should I do?”

  1. Paul H says:

    Thank you ever so much for perpetuating the stereotype that all men are pigs – you are doing a great job of that!

  2. C J says:

    let the woman get dressed!!!!
    or tell her she has your permission to find a guy that will treat her better!!!!!!

  3. iyamacog says:

    Yeah, right, uh huh……And Santa’s sleigh is stuck on my roof….

  4. Nathanael S says:

    i could have gone the rest of my life without knowing that.
    let her wear clothes. she is not your whore.
    common decency says that people wear clothes in society. unless you are part of a nudist colony

  5. diana_ortiz says:

    you have a slave ?

  6. Yeah Right!! says:

    yeah, but she had no problem being butt naked when I visited her hutt in Korea…so, how is Suki doing?

  7. helptick says:


  8. star jay says:

    Hilarious what you on? Are you serious cause i know guys that cant take strong women with own ther minds tend to do stuff like that and go abroad to find there women

  9. JustMe says:

    I will never understand why some people seem to be entertained by posting stupid questions. Whats your point in doing this ? What a waste of every ones time and energy.

  10. chlango1 says:

    i hope the some one can wake you up soon

  11. waterlily says:

    Your bride is a human being!!!
    You can’t control her n treat her like a sex slave!
    Buy yourself a Love Doll n using it any way you want.
    It matters not that you helped her with her residence, your bride is the same as any other citizen, n has the right to wear whatever, whenever, wherever.

  12. siriusblackpearl says:

    Well, golly gee. since you are being so generous with her, i do not understand why she is complaining.

    To be a little bit of an understanding husband and see that she is having some issues about her body, how about letting her wear thongs and some pasties on her nipples around the houes?

    You are an idiot, and I hope that not too many people are actually taking you seriously.

  13. ice u says:

    You pig

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