My girlfriend ALWAYS is wanting sex…?

January 8th, 2011

Wow, what a dream, huh? My girlfriend is an animal. She is 19, and I’m 23. She was a virgin up until about 2 months ago when we first made love. I was not. I had gotten my fill on sex for a few years because I was in a very serious relationship for about 2 years before with a crazy woman.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter what we do…she’s got sex on her mind. When she stays over at my house I try to fall asleep, but I wake up to her kissing my neck and rubbing my crotch. Keep in mind this is literally after emptying an entire box of condoms earlier in the evening and fingering her many times…she’s limitless on how much she wants and can take. I’m starting to panic, and feel a bit like Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers. She’s completely drained me. Since we’ve gotten together nearly every night this summer…I think i’ve had a combined 5 days of break where I didn’t have to have sex…

This used to be my dream to have sex all day, but now I’m gettin worn out. I’m SORE the next day, and I almost dread meeting up with her because I sometimes just want to relax, watch a movie, cuddle and talk…

I told her once that I’d like to slow things down but she got kinda sad and apologized. I felt bad, and have since been servicing her nightly more times than I feel is humanly possible for me at this time in life.

Help! I feel as if I opened a can of worms with her! I was extremely horny when I first lost my virginity…maybe not as horny as her…does it ever slow down? I don’t know many years I’ll be able to keep up with her. I do love her with my entire heart by the way…I’m just worn out!
Ha – I swear to you, this is no fantasy.

I’m telling you…there’s a point where sex starts to wear you out. I’m always up for once or twice a night…but like 5 times plus other stuff EVERY night? It starts to wear you out + it looses its luster.

I wish I could make this up…haha, I know its comical but I’m really in a bind! I don’t want to hurt her or make her sad…

Chris, that was funny thanks for the laugh 🙂

19 Responses to “My girlfriend ALWAYS is wanting sex…?”

  1. Aero says:

    give it to her!!!!!!!

  2. Abby J says:

    WOW hahah talk to her thats what you need to do

  3. Jen says:

    Loool…you sound like my boyfriend

  4. Jenna says:

    Oh, right. What 23 year old guy wouldn’t love this? I enjoyed your fantasy.

  5. beachbabe says:

    haha i guy whose complaining about sex that would be a first!!! Why don`t you like injure yourself or something haha

  6. Sandi ♥ says:

    LOL reminds me of me, i love sex too. My advice to you is to not complain about it, would you rather not get any?

  7. Eclipse says:

    I know how you feel – my boyfriend is a bit like this. I feel like i’d just like to cuddle and watch a movie sometimes too without it turning into something more at every oppertunity. The only thing you can really do is just tell her – don’t feel bad, she’s gotta respect your body and feelings too. You can hardly wait for her hurricane of hornyness to subside – that could take another year! Just gently tell her you’d like to slow things down a bit, not be insulting or anything but just let her know that she’s wearing you out a little. If she loves you, she’ll understand.

  8. Katz says:

    First of all I’d want someone I could respect. She doesn’t sound like a girl with any morals nor does she care.

    You are not comfortable with her any more and she needs to hear that. It will be a hard conversation for both of you but must be said.

    Find yourself a nice girl that wants a relationship slowly. Pre-marital sex is not a good thing, it only brings you trouble. Trust me – WAIT!

  9. Christine V says:

    This is the price u have to pay for opening that can of worms.. im a girl and remember going through the same thing as her, its like a new world we just discovered and can’t get enough of it, but in time she’ll get over it. Just kindly explain to her that you’ve already passed that phase of sex 24/7 and that you don’t want to wear the both of u out to the point u dont want each other anymore. There’s really no way around this without hurting her feelings somehow. Just try to be gentle as possible in explaining to her that you just want to slow down a bit.

  10. Anonymous808 says:

    Oh shit that’s pretty hilarious….
    Nah..but..your girlfriend is probaly just loving it because it’s a new feeling for her..and maybe because youre good at it?

  11. Steve C - Suspended dumbazz says:

    You poor thing


  12. Chris says:

    turn the tables and WEAR HER OUT!
    f@#$ her so hard that SHE will be sore and worn out.have fun

  13. sunshinee says:

    Telling her how you feel without trying to make her feel bad or sad would be best. If she doesn’t understand keep telling her your too swollen.

  14. rocker says:

    sex is every man’s dream n to have a gf who is full on sex is a god gift.
    however make her understand that u can’t have sex with every day.
    instead try satisfying her with oral sex,hand fucking and by buying her a dildo.

  15. Reverse Cowgirl aka Sassy Gal says:

    Pimp her out.

  16. ♠ ๓เรร ๓ยг๔єг♠ says:

    tell her to frikkin slow down a man needs time to “re-up” if she wants you to give her a wonderful performance she will have to wait. otherwise you are gonna be to exhausted and she may be unsatified…. which will lead this girl else where. r u for real? u better have a chat with her.

  17. double secret agent says:

    do you write for penthouse? dope.

  18. Sean says:

    just fuck the shit out of her!!!

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