My fiancée wants me to get her lingerie. (thoughtful ideas/opinions from the ladies please)?

July 5th, 2011

I asked this a little while ago but I forgot to mention her size and other info.

My fiancee wants me to get her several sexy lingerie pieces for her but she wants me to go get it myself and leave it to my discretion. (She wants it to be a surprise.) I don’t really know much of anything about lingerie so I want and I want to get something we can both enjoy. So what do you think are some good ideas. I don’t really feel comfortable going to a lingerie boutique even with a female friend since it might be weird so I think I’ll try ordering online. So what styles would you say would be good to go with i your own opinion?

She’s 34C-25-35 5″7 about 110lb and has dark brown hair and lightly tanned.

I was thinking about getting some crotchless panties but to play it safe would like to know if a women might find that weird in some way.
Also would something overly revealing be a bad idea. Such as this:

Would the 1st one be uncomfortable? Someone has suggested a corset so I would also like to get the communities opinion on corsets. I’m also thinking of getting a sexy bridal type lingerie piece.

Links to some images of some suggestions will be greatly appreciated since words can only say so much.

Here are some pieces that I liked from a local store.

Thank you for your suggestions

One Response to “My fiancée wants me to get her lingerie. (thoughtful ideas/opinions from the ladies please)?”

  1. Jackie says:

    Fredericks of Hollywood has some pretty good lingerie, and they have nice clothes as well. (And shoes, but I’m sure you don’t want to go get shoes).

    For something a little more tame (not that you would want something tame) you can’t go wrong with good ol’ Victoria Secret

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