my boyfriend wants to have sex with me whereas i am bit traditional.i want to reserve it for the wedding night?

June 23rd, 2011

i am a virgin & i love him truly.we both want to marry each other & trust blindly.but he wants to sleep with me before marriage.i am 19 years & he is you understand that i am insecure.i know he won’t leave me(that’s what he says & i believe too) but i like the old way of staying a virgin till marriage.he knows my feelings & understands it but again after a day or two,he starts requesting me for should i tell him to shun his idea till the wedding?we will marry after 7 years.

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  1. Jamie Red says:

    wait. you will regret it if you go back on your choice.

  2. Elena says:

    your poor boyfriend. 7 years without sex. poor him, why dont you start living in THIS century?

  3. DaniDeelish says:

    Don’t lose it now. If he truly loves you and respects you, then he will be prepared to wait. If he’s not willing to wait, then he’s not the right one for you.

  4. Fugitiveangel says:

    7 years??? You want him to wait for you without making love for 7 years?? Well, then you won’t have to complain or cry when he’ll cheat on you ( and he will) with someone else!

  5. Maria says:

    you should know that 7 years is a long time and within those 7 years alot of things might happen. you should talk to him about you being traditional and want to shun this idea till the wedding night and not just go for it. if he doesnt like that then he can deal with that himself. you must’ve already told him so he would still have it in his mind.

  6. BundyGil ...... suspended once more. says:

    He’ll probably head off with someone else who will give him the sex he wants. It’s fine to be traditional, but sex before marriage is the now the norm. He’s feeling, with justification, that you’re putting tradition before him.
    Better go for it, and not grudgingly either.

  7. Ashley Cantsay says:

    wow you guys have it all planned out! don’t let him talk you into it! It’s something you do if you really want to! If he’s putting that much pressure on it and you do it he may be disappointed and leave you (i know you said he wouldn’t but you never know) because that excitement isn’t there anymore! Just tell him (next time he asks or brings it up) that you want to wait until marriage and that he should respect that, if he doesn’t than he should just leave (if he can’t respect you now… it won’t be good in the future). I know you probably don’t want to tell him to leave but sometimes you need to test him and see if he really loves you or if it’s just for s*x

  8. Mathew Carlsen says:

    if he loves you, he will wait

  9. Stranger Things says:

    I have the same beliefs as you. Trust me girl, if he wants to leave you because u won’t drop your panties. Then open the door and walk him out then slam it behind you and lock it. he’s not worth it if he won’t respect your decision. It could mean that he’s not sure if he’ll ever marry you! If you break a promise u made to yourself, you’ve broken the trust you’ve made with yourself, and you will regret it. Trust me, there are guys out there that will wait. Guys who will ask u to wait! Don’t give up! Women have been pressured and forced for YEARS, CENTURIES, and DECADES! We deserve to stick up for ourselves. Yes, it may be hard, and yeah it will be sad or depressing if he walks out on you. But think of it like this, if you give him your virginity, and he walks out on you a year, a week, or a month later, you’ll cry even harder, you’ll have even more regret, and it will be a million times more depressing because as he walks out the door, he’s taaking with him the only thing you could have never given him. You share your heart, your home, your Money, your love, your food, your whatever. And when he leaves, he can take all that. BUt don’t let him take your pride.

  10. nakedninjagod says:

    if you want to wait for your wedding night stick to your morals but I dont think your bf will wait 7 years if he his bugging you every second day but remember the old way was the women was a virgin but most of the men where not virgins unless they both had married at very young age

  11. Ross James says:

    If he has to ASK for sex, rather than making you WANT it, you can be sure that he is not a very skilled lover. I think you will probably have a miserable honeymoon when you find him impatient and unwilling to do what it takes to satisfy you.

  12. Michelle mingle says:

    if he really luvs u he will understand that luv is not sex and sex is never luv

  13. othman says:

    One of the greatest valuable thing Almighty God bestowed upon woman is the virginity. You should preserve it until marriage.Once your boy friend have sex with you I am pretty sure he will be irresponsible for the child should you become pregnant. One of the purposes of our religion is to protect the sanctity of our family. Once you surrender your virginity your boy friend will look for other girl because by having sex with you without marriage he is very irresposible right from the begining of your relationship with him. Dont take his word but take his deed through proper marriage. Dont wait too long to go for marriage to be safe. Otherwise you will suffer for the rest of your life.tq

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