My bf keep saying lets get married but wont purpose! what should I do?

February 6th, 2011

Me and my bf have been together for 2 years and 1 week well for the last 2 months he has been bringing up getting married. I am traditional and I want a wedding and want to be engaged he has been married in the past and had a divorce so he said we should go to the court house and get married I said no I deserve a wedding!.

well his excuse was he wants to save to get me a nice ring first. I found out 3 months ago I am pregnant. and I want to be engaged so I told him this way babe get me a ring tht isnt gonna turn my finger green like a 30 dollar ring so you can save and purpose to me and he still hasnt did or plan anything and I am getting alittle upset over it where Im at the point where im gonna by the ring and be like here ask me dang it! what should I do????

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  1. Josephine says:

    “purpose” lol

    Stop pushing him to PROPOSE, you’ll scare him away.

    Plus, you said you broke up with him in June and that you don’t feel you’re in love with him anymore. I wouldn’t propose to you either!

    lol, omg, and you said you don’t know who the father of your baby is!! wow.

  2. Johnny says:

    Go to the court house than have a reception sometime later.

  3. Elena :) says:

    Tell em straight that you wanna proposal now!

  4. Janet W says:

    Doesn’t sound like your mature enough to be getting married. Your having a child, was this planned? If your going to base your life on a fairy tale of “propose to me the way I want you to” “buy me a ring” “give me this”…..well, your in for a long life of disappointment. If you were in love, wanting to marry for the right reasons, being to spend the rest of your life with this man and making a family, then you wouldn’t be so worried about the things your worried about. Go to the courthouse. Have a great time and a party if you want to but why are you so hooked on a fairy tale?

  5. Jess Tunnell says:

    Why can’t you propose to him?

  6. Jessica says:

    Men take there time sometimes, but the fact he is talking about it is a good sign, HOWEVER, you pushing him and making him feel backed into a corner will only make him withdrawl from it and may even run him off all together.
    Give it time and let him do it on his schedule.
    Your hormones are all over the place now that you are pregnant and demanding it or buying the ring to give to him to propose to you will make him run in the opposite direction.
    Don’t rush it and just let it happen.

  7. John says:

    there is no point in getting married these days.Everone ends up in a nasty divorce.

  8. Leila S says:

    Next time he brings up marriage, say to him, I can only marry you once you’ve propose to me…that way you’re like asking for a proposal without demanding…

  9. jnjmommy says:

    You should stop bossing him around honestly and let him think of romantic things to do. There wasn’t a need to tell him to not get you a rind the turns your finger green. He KNOWS that…that is why he is saying he wants to save for a nice ring. He will propose when he has it planned out and he feels it is good enough for you. BE PATIENT and stop rushing him. More you rush him the more freaked out and stressed he will get.

    Do not buy the ring for him and force him to propose. You would completely ruin it by doing that. And do you honestly believe he would tell you his plans?? That would ruin the whole surprise effect

    Wow I went back and read your previous questions…..I wouldn’t propose to you either..

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