Meeting and online friend, I am nervous!?

December 28th, 2010

So I’ve been talking to this guy for about two months, he is really nice and we seem to get along well. We met on myspace of all places, but did some talking back and fourth through messaging before I accepted him as a friend.. I am not a skinny thing, but I am not huge. I am just self conscious He’s seen a ton of pics of me, but I am just afraid that when we meet I won’t match up to his expectations. I tend to over think too so it’s kind of annoying. I am nervous but I mean meeting up with anyone can be a little nerve racking if you don’t hang out often.. Plus I am hoping no matter what it’ll be a good time. We are planning to meet the end of may, we’re going to go to the Aquarium.

I know to be careful, I have two friends who met their husbands/wives online, I am bringing a friend who will be in the aquarium as well with her friends, And he has seen full body shots of me, I have an album of my sisters wedding and I was the Maid of Honor so lots of pics. I even have older ones up too from when I was a freshman in college… 5 yrs ago!

7 Responses to “Meeting and online friend, I am nervous!?”

  1. COD 4 says:

    You asked this hours ago.!

  2. Richard says:

    its good to have a relationship online, unless he makes fake promises which he cannot keep, but this one seems genuine..go ahead meet him

  3. blackhole168 says:

    Not really sure whether you’re asking if you should meet him or whether you should be nervous. But in both cases, you’ll never know unless you do it…so I say go ahead and see what happens!

  4. somedude61894 says:

    if he reallly likes you, he won’t have any ‘expectations’ about your body.

  5. First Nameghulam nabi says:

    On line friendship is some times cheating. Better meet him

  6. Waterdragon says:

    you will still be nervous no matter what we say — he likes you for YOU so accept that and dont chicken out — enjoy your time and if he is judging you on body size then he is not worth knowing —- best wishes

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