may 31-08 bride needing advice?

January 29th, 2011

hi my fiancee and i just recently moved our wedding date from october to may so i am trying to plan everything out. for starters i am not a girly girl so i dont plan on being a traditional bride…hehe but to my own suprise i am wanting a total girly themed wedding with pink and green polka dots….its a may wedding andi wanted something fresh and bright.

anyways my dilemma is my dress. i am 5’3 117 pounds with strawberry blonde hair and very fair skin and blue eyes. ive tried on white prom dresses back in hi school and know that a white and off white dress are a no no

its a casual outdoor wedding in fiancee dad yard…so what are your thoughts on dress situation

would it b alrite to go fot a colored dress part of me wants that but other wants to resemble a bride haha……suggestions anyone thanks

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  1. Sophiesmama says:

    I’ve watched some of the bride shows they have on tv and have seen brides in different colored dresses other than white/ivory. anyone that knows you will know you are not a girly girl and will expect you to be yourself for your wedding.

  2. TOMommy says:

    Maybe you could get one of the dresses that has colour accents. I’ve seen quite a few of them. Some of them have white tops and like a pink bottom or the other way around.

  3. D says:

    how about some white and some green and pink like your bridemaids. like a pink and green polkadot sash or mid section.

  4. Waitin' on Baby Izzy says:

    you can do WHATEVER you want. though everyone will give your their opinion, whether you want to hear it or not. especially if you’re going the non-traditional route. you could try a champagne dress, or maybe a pale pink (yes, even with strawberry blonde hair), with your BMs in a darker pink. bottom line–do whatever makes you feel beautiful!

  5. Challenge says:

    OMG! Wish the polka dots and odd colors…a non traditional dress will fit right in! Why don’t you go for bourgese brown. Geez.

    Good luck.

  6. Rockin says:

    Do what feels right for you! My sis is getting married this year and is wearing green I think. She just didn’t feel right in a big poofy dress. It’s your day!

    Maybe if you want to stick with ‘tradition’ get a dress that is white with color accents

  7. cheerbabe104 says:

    I think a white spring dress with beaded and or stitched pink and green flowers on it. THen you will have the bridal white but also have the color that you want in it. It is your wedding do it your way

  8. luckygirl says:

    If you go to the David’s Bridal website, they have a section where you can pick different color than white dress for the bride. I am planning a wedding myself and found it very helpful. Hope this helps and congratulations.

  9. IamDiDi says:

    If you want to stay traditional but compliment your coloring, try a dress with more of a “gold” or “butter” undertone. They would match your skin and hair nicely. But if you want to break with tradition (and I think if you’re doing polka dots, then you can handle being non-traditional 🙂 you could go with a mint or even chocolate gown. I think pink, green, and brown would be a really good combination.

  10. chloelaws says:

    I’ve seen in magazines (i’m from Australia) that they have wedding dresses in Light pink, blue. One’s are white but have a little colour to them such as a little. One had red roses on it and green vines as well. As long as it looks like a wedding dress then it shouldn’t matter what colour it is.

  11. beccaweidner says:

    Right now David’s Bridal has a lot of color stuff going on with weddings. Try going into one of their stores and talking with a consultant. They have all kinds of dresses for all kinds of formalities.

  12. myavatar says:

    That’s our date, too!!! Congrats!

    I would try a champagne color dress. It’s a little bit darker than ivory so it may match your skin tone better, but you will still look like a bride. If you go someplace like David’s Bridal, they should have quite a few to pick from. I know the one I got in ivory also came in champagne.

  13. Heather says:

    OMG! You should so wear pink. Talk about priceless. The looks on your guests faces, especially since your not a girly girl. Nobody is going to expect it.

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