Look Glamorous is Bridal Lingerie

April 20th, 2011

It is a form of lingerie that will provide added support to the wedding gown, which enhances the bride’s beauty. They also look amazing on your special wedding night when you are finally alone with your new husband. There are so many styles of bridal lingerie to choose from that you have no need to worry about finding the right type for you. It’s out there.

There are three basic forms. There’s the bustier, first of all, which is like a bra except that it has a ribbed structure and goes all the way down to the waste. It will trim and tighten your midriff for a sexy hourglass figure. The second type is called the corset. This you may remember from the recent Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It works perfectly in tandem with strapless gowns as it features no straps itself. A basque will give more support to the breasts, giving a larger bustline for the ultimate in sex appeal. Bridal lingerie is available in all types of forms, materials, and colors. You should keep a few things in mind when picking out your lingerie for your wedding day.

You should choose your bridal lingerie based on both your own personal body shape and also on the style of wedding gown you plan to wear. If your wedding gown leaves your shoulders bare, which is a preferred style for many women because it shows off just a touch of skin, you would probably want to go with a corset or a bustier. If your dress is the type that has laces in the back or even an open back, then you want your bridal lingerie to take up less space. For this situation, an adhesive bra works best. You can also choose your lingerie for your wedding day in plus sizes.

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