Lolita Activities to Indulge In

June 8th, 2011

Lolita fashion is a trend which is mainly influenced by the Victorian, Rococo and Edwardian period trends. It has evolved over the years along with the Gothic style and has been adapted in Japan and many other parts of the world. The costume comprises of a dress or knee length skirt, blouse, head dress, petticoat, stockings or knee high socks. It gained popularity in the 1970s when famous brands like Milk, Pink House and Angelic Pretty started popularizing it.

There are three main classifications of Lolita based on the design and pattern variations. Gothic Lolita is a blend of the ancient Gothic fashion and the Lolita types. The clothes make up and accessories are all darker shades like blue, dark blue, purple and the kind. Sweet Lolita on the contrary is made of subtle, light and pastel colors and resembles child like styles with less or no make up. Classic Lolita is more like the Regency, Rococo and Baroque styles and is more mature than sweet Lolita. Accessories like intricate design jewels and shoes are essentials for Classic Lolita.

Lolita activities and Cosplay fun are becoming popular all over the world while Japan is the birth place of this art form. Costume parties, gatherings, dinners and even kids parties have evolved over the years. People enjoy dressing up like fictional characters from movies, books, scientific fiction novels and the kind to become some one else for at least a few hours. Halloween parties have been in practice since many centuries but nowadays dressing up in a unique fashion for ordinary parties is also becoming a cult. There are themed parties, gatherings and even weddings which require not only the hosts or the bride and groom, but also the guests to dress up in a particular fashion.

Lolita costumes are considered to be more cute and pretty than sexy. Many fanatic lovers of this deny accepting it as a costume or fashion. Because of the different patterns and high quality fabric material used, Lolita costumes cost a bit too much while bought from stores or even online. For this reason girls design and stitch their own Lolita dresses the way they want it to be in rates affordable to them. This really brings out the individuality in each of them. Face painting, Lolita costume bash and similar activities are no longer known only to a percentage of the population but to everyone.

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Lolita fashion is a trend which is mainly influenced by the Victorian, Rococo and Edwardian period trends.

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