Lockwood Wedding

May 26th, 2011

Our Wedding – September 26, 2010. Here it is! I hope you guys enjoy!! It was a wonderful day, a lot went into it. Both ups and downs, but all in all it was a wonderful experience and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I didn’t go into much detail about all the details of the day, too many to fit into a video, so if you did have questions feel free to ask! I’d be happy to answer n_n The photography was done by Kortnee Kate. Florals and decor by Marti Thompson. Both amazing!! Small detail touches where hand picked by me, along with the design of invitations, programs, table numbers, overall theme, and of course hair and make-up. n_n

25 Responses to “Lockwood Wedding”

  1. NancyTang0403 says:

    omg i love your dress!!!! where’d you get it from?

  2. msvivacious100 says:

    Everyone in the video looked so happy! Your wedding was absolutely beautiful 🙂 Congrats to you and your husband. Maybe one day I’ll have that too <3

  3. OrchidSH says:

    Beautiful photos and you look very very pretty. Really really nice. Thank you for sharing 🙂 A huge kiss from Barcelona. Love your videos.

  4. karaelkins7 says:

    @spaceysno1girl Thanks hun!! Yeah we definitely didn’t have a “Standard” wedding, I was able to bring some personality to it, the way we like it! Best of luck on your wedding coming up!! n_n

  5. spaceysno1girl says:

    Your pictures are so beautiful – i love the little purple touches and the grooms trainers – seems like it was a traditional but personal kind of wedding which is nice because weddings can be so impersonal and not reflect the most important things and thats you and your partner and your tastes. Im getting married end of this year or early next year depending on surgery and i cant wait. Congratulations to you both you look very in love x

  6. karaelkins7 says:

    @AprilAthena7 Haha, yeah. I am. 🙂 When is your wedding?! Hows the planning going for you?! It’s a lot of work huh?! You’ll have to share your wedding photos after you have your wedding!! I’m so excited for you two, you are too cute together!! AWW weddings, love em!! n_n

  7. karaelkins7 says:

    @AprilAthena7 thanks hun, it’s vintage n_n Haha yeah, purple shoes was my idea, but purple was Alex’s idea. n_n Thanks hun!! n_n

  8. karaelkins7 says:

    @bracesfaces Haha, well that means I’ll always celebrate with you on that day!! n_n

  9. karaelkins7 says:

    @beautyerX Thanks hun!! n_n

  10. karaelkins7 says:

    @bupntim Thanks hun!! You’re welcome!! n_n

  11. AprilAthena7 says:

    Are you adopted? I saw the picture of your dad. Just curious! OMG these pictures are making me emotional maybe because I’m getting married soon too!

  12. AprilAthena7 says:

    I love your necklace! 🙂 Aww the pictures were soo precious! You look amazing!!! So cute you wore purple wedges! Soo comfy looking! Your dress looks GORGEOUS! Ahh beautiful bride!!! 🙂

  13. bracesfaces says:

    you got married on my birthday hehe. but i love your wedding pictures. congratulations!

  14. beautyerX says:

    You are so beautiful! Your wedding was beautiful! I love all the colors and details!!!

  15. bupntim says:

    Beautiful wedding. Love your wedding color palette, everything coordinated so, nicely from the flowers to your groom’s converse.Thank you for sharing your special day with us!

  16. karaelkins7 says:

    @maikor3 Thanks hun!! n_n

  17. maikor3 says:

    Beautiful Wedding <3

  18. karaelkins7 says:

    @xPrinceJunx Haha thanks n_n

  19. karaelkins7 says:

    @widdleweindeer1st Thanks hun!! n_n

  20. xPrinceJunx says:

    12:12 – such a sweet picture :3

  21. karaelkins7 says:

    @shuanavue Aw thanks hun! n_n

  22. widdleweindeer1st says:

    so far at 1:20 thats my favourite pictureee!
    you looked so beautiful on your wedding day
    and you look beautiful everyday tooo ^.^

  23. shuanavue says:

    So happy to see you back 🙂 BEAUTIFUL Wedding! You looked stunning 🙂

  24. karaelkins7 says:

    @jahazel thanks hun! I use a canon rebel t2i. But the photographers of course used something else. n_n

  25. jahazel says:

    hi,,,love ur wedding photos 🙂
    may ask , what kind of camera do u use? thank you

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