Let Bodystockings Jump Start a Night of Passion

May 27th, 2011

These are a combination of pantyhose or fishnet stockings and a unitard, covering your entire body in an erotic fishnet clothing article. Stockings or pantyhose only go up to the tops of the thighs, but the bodystocking covers everything. It is a very attractive piece of underwear or evening wear.

There are basically two types of bodystocking, a sheer version and the opaque version. Opaque ones are a more modest form that can comfortably be worn as underwear throughout the day, and are expecially useful in colder climates where an extra layer of clothing can really help out. Sheer versions are incredibly sexy and daring; they are often transparent or at least leave a lot of skin out in the open. Women all over the world love these because they really add a sense of erotica to the evening, which is great for both you and your partner as you rediscover your intimacy. Sheer bodystockings are much preferred and more commonly available than opaque versions. They can be had in any number of materials, styles and colors, so feel free to experiment with a few of these and discover what feels best on your skin.

Fishnet bodystockings can cover either the torso by itself, or variations can encompass the legs and arms as well. Sometimes they even go all the way down to the feet. If you are feeling adventurous, try wearing one of these with a short skirt to get every man who sees you interested. Besides the cut, there is also a huge variety of styles to choose from. Feel free to experiment with styles that are either crotchless, open at the breast, or open on the butt to really steam up the night.

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