large prime numbers 1000% intensity mic check

November 29th, 2010

i had a new idea for How It’s Going To Be From Now On, and i set up two microphones in the way i had envisioned. then, we did this. if you’re in the tokyo area and planning a wedding or a bar mitzvah and you need entertainment of some kind, i guess we can show up and do this for, what, say, $500 an hour?

19 Responses to “large prime numbers 1000% intensity mic check”

  1. thenightshadezero says:

    Holy shit, this is awesome!

  2. crackbinge says:

    Don’t be so hard on her. Her voice may be a bit ‘rough’ at times but she’s getting better. Some vocal training and some make up would help her out loads though.

  3. kruskev says:

    Congratulations! you look like the biggest twat on the internet!

  4. InsomniumX says:

    Man, you look like a ghost materialized out of nowhere right at the end of the video.

  5. Nekoplayer says:

    oh and I like the bit at the end where your voice gets into the fastest car in the world and drives off only to come right back again having lapped the world in 0.14 seconds.

  6. Nekoplayer says:

    This is how live music should be :3

  7. neqkk says:

    Tim, stay away!!! It’s a sign if you’re reaching the stage where listeners start expecting things from you. They then mutate into ugly beasts and keep asking you to remake your first album over and over again (108 times)

  8. 108x says:


    what were you expecting?

  9. WithoutVoid says:

    That was kind of cool actually…not what I expected…

  10. Kiryu23456 says:

    My birthday is July 4th. So, uhm, yeah. Just play for me. Anytime.

    Holy Diver, your hair has grown rapidly.

  11. IrrationalExperience says:

    It’s July 15th, do it up, I am all for doing some postmodern little things

  12. 108x says:

    what you do is you set goals: try to have enough money to afford a trip to tokyo by your birthday next year — and i swear, your name will be on the guest list for any shows we’re playing at that time

    actually, when is your birthday? we are playing a show on july 10th; i can put your name on the guest list for it, even though you won’t be there; that’d be so postmodern

  13. 108x says:

    actually if i were asked such a question, that is when i would stomp down the whammy, shifting my voice up two octaves, exploding all of the parts of the guy’s body that can sense the presence of dog whistles

  14. 108x says:

    so yeah this video is awesome huh ^^

  15. 108x says:

    the practice room is in ogikubo, tokyo, japan, deep underground, down near the core, where it’s still warm

    the videos are usually recorded by me myself or by whoever is brave enough to come watch us that day

  16. heyguysinternet says:

    i keep asking him to. 🙁

    he is busy rocking out!

  17. cwoxviii says:

    Where is this practice room?

    Who records these videos?

  18. GilbertSmith says:

    Thirty minutes in…

    Client: Are you gonna play any songs, or did I pay you five hundred bucks to howl into a mic for an hour?

    Tim: The hell do you think, fucker?

  19. IrrationalExperience says:

    Shit dog, if I weren’t poor and lived in Canada as opposed to Tokyo, I’d so shell out cash for you to play at my birthday in a month, alas it is not to be 🙁

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