ladies please help Wedding ahead but m afraif Very small penis very thin penis and very thin?

January 2nd, 2011

i m 26 years male
never married
just gona get married
i m very skinny, a skelton
my wieght is 43 KG and my waist is 27 hardly, height 5’7″ look like a skelton no mass
i never had sex before and gona get married soon
i m afraid i cannot do it
my penis is only 5 inches hardly when erect and very thin 3 inches girth and looks like a penis of kids
my fiance is smart but healthy
i m feeling very much lack of confidence n this feeling that my fiance will laugh at me when we will go in bed
i have tried some herbal oil in market for penis growth but to no vain,
my penis is just like a finger of an average healthy person
i m afraid of everything
i m very weak and feel that everything will collapse at wedding night
i dont thing i can grip her strong in arms and dont think i can maker her happy she will just laugh at me my body n my little kid-like penis and my thin waist (her waist is more than me)
she is quiet confident and often she has mentioned to me that you are so thin,
i think i will lose her in bed coz my arms legs and my body are so weak i cannot perform things like other guys, i love her and dont wana lose her but m afraid i will…………
any married guys / ladies if u can give me some tips

2 Responses to “ladies please help Wedding ahead but m afraif Very small penis very thin penis and very thin?”

  1. Justin Patiniotis says:

    you need to accept your body and if she loves you she will too. Your clearly not eating enough or take drugs coz u r way under weight, so focus on that. Even start lifting weights at home. There is nothing that makes your penis bigger, so accept your size. As for sex, just try your best but dont try too hard. If a girl can get a girl to orgasm then you can too. Think about that. Your not the only one in your position. Its all about being confident with yourself. Some of the funniest people i know are really skinny because they can make funny jestures about being buff, a buff guy cant because he just looks up himself. Comedians are successful because they joke about themselves and thier lives. You will be right mate, take it like a man!

  2. Gurleen Kaur says:


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