Is this to dressy for a rehersal Dinner for a beach wedding?

October 23rd, 2010

I was planning on wearing this Romper to a rehearsal dinner for a beach wedding. I am also worried about wearing a romper I have been reading that you have to be really tall and skinny to pull this off…I am 5″3 and 130 pounds with a butt! We will be rehearsing on the beach however the dinner is in a nice restaurant that is not on the beach. I am planning on wearing these shoes in black ( of course I will take them off when we go on the beach to practice) For accessories I am going with gold earrings and gold bangles? What do yall think? should I keep this as my outfit or start over? I leave on Thursday for the beach so I need to get this right fast!thanks guys!

8 Responses to “Is this to dressy for a rehersal Dinner for a beach wedding?”

  1. Elizabeth S says:

    I think that outfit is fine

  2. Taylor says:

    i like the shoes but i personally think rompers are ugly.
    and i agree that only tall skinny people can really pull them off.
    i mean, there are always exceptions.
    but i have a similar build to yours.
    im 5’4″ 122 lbs, with a butt. and rompers look silly on me.

  3. i.heart.u says:

    It’s perfect for the beach, and I don’t think its too dressy.
    Dismiss those comments about being a certain body type to wear clothing.
    If you like the way you look in it, flaunt it!

    Have fun!

  4. cupcake says:

    it looks good to me. and if youu arent too skinny the dress will give you shape

  5. Anita Mot says:

    I like it. it’s ok

  6. primo999 says:

    I LOVE the romper! I think it’s very appropriate for the occasion. The shoes are cute, but maybe a bit heavy for the outfit. I think it would be sexy if you did something a little strappier at the bottom, maybe with the strap that wraps up your leg a little bit.
    I think you can go wild with the gold accessories: cuff/bangles, giant hoop earrings, or even a chain belt if you go with less elsewhere (don’t want to overkill).
    You obviously have a great sense of style, I’m sure you’ll make it work. Good luck 🙂

  7. -*younq shae : ) says:

    i like the romper and the shoes, mostly the shoe.:).. i would rock those.

  8. Victoria Q says:

    I honestly don’t think that romper is right for a nice restaurant. For just the wedding rehersal on the beach… I guess, been to a few myself and never really had to dress up. Wearing gold earrings and bangles as well — sounds/ looks more like club wear. I love the shoes though and would keep those but not that romper. I love rompers and have many in my closest. This one is not elegant, from the material to the hem on the shorts. I say start over found a perfect little black dress or find a more elegant romper. If you wear bangles and earrings — make sure they are elegant and not clubby. Also, make sure you don’t put alot of bangles on to make a lot of noise when to move your arms around.

    P.S. you don’t have to be tall and skinny to pull off rompers. At 5’5 (and a half) I wear rompers all the time. I’m skinny (110 lbs) but I’m curvy with a butt and big boobs.

    Rompers are like jeans.. Everyone has their style/cut that fits their body.

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