Is this okay to do for the invitations…?

November 1st, 2010

We’re on a tight budget planning the wedding and I’m trying to save as much as possible and I was thinking if it would be okay if we sent out regular invitations but instead of having an RSVP card, we have a website or a special email address so the guests can just RSVP that way. It’s only 50 people invited and I know they have access to the internet. What do you guys think? Thanks

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  1. dourdan says:

    that is a great idea. hopefully you will get more responses that way

  2. Jamie Lei says:

    That’s fine! Plus, they should understand. Invitations aren’t a big deal, even if one has a roomy budget for a wedding. I’d say, save the money on the invitations, even if *did* have lots of money for them, and invest the money in something more important instead.

  3. cutiexx88 says:

    not a bad idea.
    i personally would prefer to do the website thing…maybe use facebook and create a ‘event’ for your wedding and people could RSVP via that? 🙂
    hope this helped!

  4. ''nemo'' says:

    That is a very good idea!
    You will save money not just because of the rsvp but because of the few guests! Now that you know they have internet access that will make it better to keep track and it is more efficient. I really hope your wedding goes perfectly! Best of wishes and good luck!!! .

  5. Taste the Rainbow says:

    Great idea, it is also very ecofriendly! Yay to saving the Earth!

  6. Mrs. Rachel Cullen says:

    Holds whatever wedding things you want. Custom domain name. RSVPs. Unlimited polls, photos, registery, wish list, wedding countdown, etc. And it’s free! My cousin did this when he married my new cousin-in-law.

  7. JNS says:

    I have to disagree with all of the below. An online RSVP is classless. If you’re having an outdoor BBQ maybe, but anything even somewhat nice – absolutely not. It sends the image that you don’t want to spend any money on guests (for 50 guests, you’d have something like 20 invitations at less than $10 of stamps) and that you’re lazy. Very classless.


    ” ‘YOU’ that’s what this day is about… ”

    It’s actually not all about “you”. While it’s fine to do things for yourself, you’re hosting guests. You have an obligation to treat them well and use common courtesy. When you invite someone to dinner, you don’t give them the paper plates while you eat off of the good china.

    The “it’s your day” mentality comes from the wedding industry. That’s how they can con you into spending thousands on unnecessary things because “it’s all about you”.

    If you want to cut costs, that’s fine. But being so cheap that you can’t spare $10 for RSVP card postage is just inexcusable and lazy.

  8. Chantal says:

    Email address or website is a good idea, but also include your phone number.

  9. aspasia says:

    It’s only in the last ten or twenty years that so-called “R.s.v.p. Cards” have become the norm for weddings. Traditionally, it was considered offensive to send them out because using them implies that your friends lack either the manners or the means to reply on their own. Your suggestion of including contact information right on the envelope is exactly what Amy Vanderbilt recommends in her 1950’s “Guide to Gracious Living”. You should know that “R.s.v.p. Cards” are unheard of at diplomatic dinners, state functions, Society receptions and other formal occasions where protocol is actually followed.

    So, if I were you, I wouldn’t worry too hard about tyro wanna-be etiquette mavens telling you that YOUR idea is classless! What you are suggesting is actually BETTER form — by real trsditional standards — than is using the cards!

  10. Loves you! says:

    One thing i learnt about planning your wedding, is alot of etiquette is crazy…and every-one likes difference things, One person is going to hate this idea because well its “so trashy looking” and someone else is going to “love ” this idea. I think whatever you do in your wedding tells your quests about “YOU” that’s what this day is about, not about weather you sent a silly envelope in a card with a stamp on it! Honestly I don’t think many people care, and maybe its just where I’m from but my circle of friends and all the people i know seem way more laid back then alot of people on here, I mean i don’t mind waiting an hour for food, and i love buffets don’t find them cheap at all, I wouldn’t have 2 thoughts on a RSVP card that i didn’t mail..I mean really who has time to go to the mail…unless its close by and you go everyday. I still have a letter i was suppose to send 3 months ago its still sitting on my counter ( oops). people go online every single day they use the phone every single day. The way my fiance and I did it ( because unlike what JNS said it does get expensive, My invites were 1.50 to send the invite and it would be another .50 to send back the now we X that by 28 and that’s 56 dollars on stamps alone. i mean it was only an extra 14 dollars but guess what the rocks for my Centre pieces were only 10 and the ribbon 4…so ) we put a little card in with our phone number, with an email address and a wedding website! all are find with us. his cousin also just got married and just did the number and e-mail we didn’t care we simply e mailed her and well didn’t have to worry weather she got her RSVP ( by the way there wedding was huge and beautiful, and they spent over 60,000 ) So I say do what you want and not what others say is best! Your day will be beautiful even if its a back yard bbq or a fancy 50,000 dollar wedding…your marrying your best friend, your saying your vows to the person you will spend your life with, so its going to be beautiful!!!! congrats by the way!

  11. samantha says:

    I think it would be fine but realize a couple of things. A lot of people are lazy about responding….so have their phone number and if you don’t hear from them, have it planned for someone to call and get a reply closer to the wedding…you are going to need an accurate number.

    Also not everyone is on the Internet…so plan for who those may be if you can. The above would work for that too. But postage is very expensive, so I think it would be a good idea.

  12. Rukia says:

    Why not? It’s a small wedding, it’ll be more convenient. And if you’re not going for a classic, princess type wedding then it’s fine. I’ve received lots of invitations with rsvp cards as well as a wedding web site to use for rsvp’s. It’s 2010.

    Of course, if you wanted a bit more elegance for cheap, you could always make rsvp cards yourself. Get some colored card stock paper from staples or a stationary store for a few dollars and print out 6 per sheet and cut them yourself. It shouldn’t cost you more than $10 if you don’t include stamps. You would only need a few sheets of nice paper.

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