Is this dress too sexy for a wedding?

July 8th, 2011

Is this dress appropriate to wear to someone elses wedding?
I know there is some controversy on whether red is appropriate to wear to a wedding, because it might “outshine” the bride. But wouldn’t that hold true for every other color too? I mean, I’ve seen some fancy dresses at the weddings. Does it really matter what color? I feel like as long as it’s not white, its fine. What do you think?

This is the dress I’m wearing:
The wedding will be at a church, but I will be wearing a jacket over the dress. Also, afterwards there will be a party/celebration, so I was thinking more about that than the actual ceremony.

10 Responses to “Is this dress too sexy for a wedding?”

  1. Jeremy says:

    You are supposed to outshine the bride, for the groom’s benefit. Otherwise all the single men at the wedding might hit on his wife.

  2. I HATE HAVING FUN says:

    no its hot. hot = awesome

  3. Kottonkandy says:

    its a cute dress maybe if it was a different color it would be more appropriate. dont listen to the other guys. my cousin had her wedding and some lady came wearing a dress like that acting all sexy and she got kicked out

  4. Heart of Fire says:

    It depends on where the wedding is, the time of day, and the attire. It would not be appropriate for a formal or semi-formal wedding, but anything else should be fine. Also, if the wedding is outdoors or in a more casual setting, then it should be fine, however if its in a church or other religious place of worship, then I would recommend covering more skin.

  5. little_ash_2003 says:

    What kind of wedding is it? If it’s a more traditional (i.e. in a church, solemn) type of wedding then I would advise against wearing that dress. However, if this is more of a laid back, chic kind of ceremony then go for it. Or, you could ask the bride what she thinks.

  6. natalieee.face says:

    Why don’t you just send the bride an email or something and ask if she thinks it’s inappropriate?
    I mean it’s a beautiful dress but it really depends on the setting or theme of the wedding.

    I think the smartest thing to do is ask the bride or someone close to her.

  7. Jocelyn says:

    IMO, you may be detracting from the bride too much.

  8. løcø(: says:

    its beautiful! if you can pull it off, wear it !

  9. Stuck in Folsom Prison says:

    Yes, I think so. It’s a nice dress, but for a wedding, stick to something simple and pretty.

  10. I♥GOD says:

    I think it looks very unique and cute!
    I would totally wear it, not to sure about wearing it to the church, but
    i would definately wear it to the party!

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