Is it worth it to look into a career in Event/Wedding planning?

April 20th, 2011

Event planning & party planning has always been a passion of mine. I found an online program & class that gives you a certification in wedding and even planning. I’m thinking about doing this, but is it realistic for this to possibly be a full time career? Or is it something most people do on the side? I know most people work for them selves, but if you wanted to work with a cooperation, how easy is it to find this kind of job? Any info on the career will help. Thank you

5 Responses to “Is it worth it to look into a career in Event/Wedding planning?”

  1. ilut2004 says:

    well the best type of job would be the job you love to do no matter what amount you get, if you really want to do this then i reccomend you to do it and some of these planners get into bigger jobs and start working full time so go ahead 😀

  2. Megan says:

    yes! yes, yes, yes, YES! it is totally worth it! you can do it full time, i would definately need a wedding planner, and many others will agree! that sounds like the best job in the world! i mean, you have total fun planning everything, and you help women achieve the night of they’re dreams!! plus you get paid! 😀 if i was any good at it, i would totally go into that carreer path.

  3. greenlion says:

    Just an incite…..always try to find some thing that people will always do. People, no offense, will die. So funeral homes and morgues will always have jobs, people will always get sick or hurt themselves, accident or otherwise, and people will get married, divorced, remarried. Its a job that will always be needed and around so I would definitely look into it if I was you.

  4. Bianca says:

    yeah! party planners earn A LOT! but even more when planning weddings. Even the make-up artists in weddings earns so much!

    but, maybe you shouldn’t make this your only job,
    but if you really love doing this. then keep on doing it.

    try doing it for your friends first, if their other friends need a party planner, then of couse they’ll talk about you!

    goodluck 😉

  5. LiveLife says:

    Contact this site below. They have Event Planners online
    and they can help start you in the right direction and answer
    your question.

    I always wanted to plan parties and weddings but I have
    no support on this from home.

    GO for it!

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