is it possible to plan a wedding by october 2009?

October 22nd, 2010

my fiance and i finally set a date and we decided for october of it possible to get a venue, get invites out, buy a dress in a year..i am sure it is but will it be really rushed?!?
thanks everyone!
idk..when we picked the date it seems great, then i had a freak out mode, but i am fine now and super excited 🙂 …yeahhh budget it going to be the main concern….

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  1. shorty3469 says:

    DEFINITELY!!!! I planned mine in a year, and everything is coming together really well!!! You will need to set your budget, and pick your wedding and reception sites first,then your colors, then go from there. There are a lot of good sites out there to help you plan if you are doing it yourself. Good luck!!!

  2. Ashley S says:

    It wouldn’t be rushed, a year is average time to plan a wedding, and I’m sure a lot of brides plan it in a lot shorter of time. The main things to get done quickly are the venue and the dress. If you’re ordering your gown you should select and order it 8 months ahead of time for fittings and alterations. Also depending on the venue it could be booked for many months so it’s important to get it reserved for your day.

    This might help as well:

  3. Sunny says:

    of course! a year is more than enough time. we got engaged last october then got married in july – that’s only 9 months and we had plenty of time

  4. harpertara says:

    You have plenty of time. Take the extra time to figure out details – Where do you want it? Set a date and time, then call around for places. How many to attend? This you should actually have some idea of before you call for a place to make sure it is big enough. Budget!!!! Try to get estimates on what all this will cost so you can save the money (or your parents can). Get things done as early as possible so that if unexpected things come up, you can deal with them. My daughter had planned to marry in September ’09 and now is getting married in December of ’08 because of an unexpected addition to the family. She had several things pre-planned, so changing the date didn’t matter too much.

  5. Corey A says:

    I think it’s plenty of time. I live in the Bay Area and I saw my future SIL plan a wedding here in 8 months. She had no trouble finding a venue, getting out invites, or finding a dress. It really just depends on if you need extra time to finance your wedding! We needed a year and a half to save and to plan all the things we are doing ourselves! But, if you have the money to skip the DIY route… you’re fine!

  6. kisses123 says:

    No way that’s way more than enough time. I started planning my wedding this month and my wedding is in jan.

  7. Fauna says:

    A year is more than enough time. The most important thing is to reserve whatever location you want to get married way ahead of time.

  8. mel_mel_tx says:

    for october…oh you have plenty of time!
    Start with the big things now. Venue would be first.
    You have almost a year. Everything will go fine.

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