Is it possible to have a decent wedding ceremony and reception in southern CA under 5 grand?

June 12th, 2011

Okay so I’m starting to save for a home and a wedding which is hard and Im still going to school. The home will come first then a wedding. I don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount on a wedding and I think a nice chapel in vegas is a great option but my mom really doesn’t like that idea .Like most couples there will be no help from family as far at cash and I feel if they are not going to contribute they don’t have a say, but I am the only girl and I know she really wants something where we live. I don’t want to spend 7 grand for a tiny 50 ppl wedding in CA when I can spend 2 grand in vegas and have less ppl go which would be great. I have lost of time to save because I don’t plan to get hitched till Im finished with school which would be around 3 years but I feel like a home is more important. Should I try to make my mom happy and plan things here and just save the extra cash or just tell her to deal with it ???and If you got married recently in southern CA and it was under 5 grand let me know where and what services you used send me links maybe I can convince myself into it. Thanks
Please note I am a very do it yourself type of gal I am just asking about the things I can’t do myeslf such as a hall or whatever and ceremony location food etc.And I don’t have a friends backyard as an option lol I wish I did though save some Mulah!

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  1. Crystal T says:

    I’d recommend looking for various ways to cut corners. Find pre-owned dresses and wedding rings somewhere like eBay (the dress I want is only $50 – it retailed for over $300 but has an almost unnoticeable tear at the very bottom of the dress). You don’t need to get expensive food like fish or steak, you can get chicken and people will still love it. For the favors, put them together yourself. My uncle got pastel-colored candy almonds and put them in tiny mesh bags. Everyone loved them, especially the kids. And do you have a family member or friend where you can get married at their house, in a nice backyard maybe? There are beaches and parks too. invitations don’t have to be engraved and silver-plated, you can get a nice pattern printed Outside weddings are very nice in the right weather. And anyone in the world can be ordained to perform your wedding, so you don’t need to rent out a room or church, and you don’t need to hire anyone to perform it. My stepmom’s sister performed her wedding.

    I think that it’s 100% better to save money on this. A wedding, while a very significant day, is NOT the most important aspect of your life. Your future is what you should be focusing on, and kids if you plan on having them. That’s money that can be put away for a college fund for your children, or retirement, or an emergency if there’s ever a disaster. I think it’s possible to make both you and your mom happy, but I think that since she’s insisting that you have the wedding there, she should be willing to help you find good deals and put together the wedding, like maybe helping put together the favors and such.

    Good luck, and congratulations! Good job for being smart about this!

  2. Verona says:

    There are plenty of ways you can cut costs to have a ceremony & reception for under $5k. The biggest expense in almost all weddings is food, so consider having an earlier wedding with a lunch reception, or even a reception where you serve only appetizers and/or dessert.

    Also, since you’re paying for the wedding yourself, don’t feel forced to invite more people than you can afford. Trimming down the guest list will also help to significantly cut costs.

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